Munchkin General (Item No. 51502/2)

The Munchkin General

Munchkin General (Item No. 51502/2): The second in the line of Mego Wizard of Oz Munchkins, this item recreates the character of the Munchkin General from the film.  The figure's outfit is represented mostly by molded-on or painted-on detailing to the body.  The figure has pink pants, red shoes, pink arms (with a yellow inverted "V" painted at each wrist, and the hands painted flesh), and a pink torso with buttons and cummerbund molded on, both detailed in yellow.  The ensemble is completed by the only two cloth portions of the figure: a blue, satin hat with a flocked, yellow inverted "V" on the front and an elastic band to secure it under the chin, and a blue, satin sleeveless jacket with a flocked, yellow collar. 

Package Variants: The General came in only one style of package.

Figure Variants: There are no known figure variants for the General.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The packaging for all four of the Munchkins is virtually identical.  All four inserts are exactly the same, and the only difference in the outer packaging lies in the figure name and Item No., both on the front panel.  Also, the General and the Mayor both have the same arms (molded in different colors), and the General, Mayor and Flower Girl all have the same legs and feet (again molded in different colors).

Caution Collectors: The General was manufactured around the time that Mego began using a lower grade of plastic for the heads of their figures.  As a result, the General (as well as the other three Munchkins) is extremely susceptible to "graying" of the face, so try to keep him out of direct sunlight.  Also, the rubber bands that hold the General to his insert are almost always broken or rotted away.  Most collectors don't really care about the presence or absence of a couple of tiny rubber bands, and understand that time takes it toll on everything, even packaging elements; however, should you stumble across a specimen that still has its bands intact, kudos to you, as these are certainly more desirable.  Finally, the elastic band on the General's hat can become easily stretched out, so be careful not to strain it unduly.

General's Box     Munchkin Insert

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General mint-in-box

Above is an example of a mint-in-box General.