The Wicked Witch (Item No. 51500/6)

The Wicked Witch of the West

The Wicked Witch (Item No. 51500/6): The sixth in the line of Mego Wizard of Oz figures, this item recreates the character of the Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton) from the film.  The Wicked Witch comes on a standard female Mego body (jointed knees and elbows) cast in green with "ape hands."  Her outfit is comprised of a plain black dress, a pair of black shoes and a pointed witch's hat cast in black rubber.  Her only accessory is her faithful broom, which is made up of two pieces, the handle (brown) and the head (yellow).

Package Variants: Like all of the other first series figures (except the Wizard), the Wicked Witch is available in both the "plain green" and "yellow brick road" boxes.  She was also available in a plastic header-carded baggie for clearance purposes (a rare end-run variant), as well as being included in the ultra-rare Emerald City Gift Set (along with the other six figures from series one).  She was also included with the Sears Catalog-exclusive Witch's Castle Playset.

Figure Variants: The Wicked Witch is the only first series Oz figure with no known variations.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Wicked Witch's body is, from the neck down, the same as Zira's body from the Planet of the Apes line, only cast in green plastic instead of flesh (even down to the furry "ape hands," which probably pass for wrinkles in this instance).  Also, the Wicked Witch's black shoes are identical to the ones available on the female characters of the "Waltons" line of Mego figures.

Caution Collectors: The elastic band on the Wicked Witch's hat can become easily stretched out, so be careful not to strain it unduly.  Also, take care not to lose the Wicked Witch's shoes when handling a loose specimen; the footwear fits very loosely, and falls off the feet at the slightest pull of gravity.  (In fact, most mint-in-box Witches are found with their shoes just rattling around loose in the box, if they're present at all.  Often, those tiny shoes will have fallen out of the box sometime in the last three decades, so be sure to inspect even mint-in-box Witches carefully, as even they may be missing their shoes.)

Did You Know?: The Wicked Witch is arguably the hardest first-series Oz figure to find loose, complete and mint.  It's not expensive, by any means, but it's probably the only first-series figure you won't be able to get on the cheap.

Wicked Witch Box Variant One ("Plain Green")     Wicked Witch Box Insert     Wicked Witch Box Variant Two ("Yellow Brick Road")

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Wicked Witch mint-in-box     Wicked Witch mint-in-box

Above is an example of a mint-in-box Wicked Witch in a "plain green" box (left), and a mint-in-box Wicked Witch in a "yellow brick road" box (right).