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SDCC: Neca expands 8″ offering


2015 looks pretty bright for the 8′ offerings from NECA, some surprises included Escape from New York and Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Watch the Mego Museum for more SDCC coverage all weekend.    

SDCC: Presidential Heroes George Washington


In our first update from the floor of 2014 San Diego Comic Con we have a first look at carded Presidential Heroes George Washington. One of a new series coming from Heroes in Action Toys. Look for more toy updates all this weekend at the Mego Museum!

Penny Dreadful at SDCC

Bif Bang Pow Penny

Entertainment Earth has released shots of the wave one of the figures based on Showtime’s hit series “Penny Dreadful”. Mr Chandler and Ms Ives are (hopefully) just the first of the myriad of characters to be released from this gothic series. For those not attending SDCC, you can also order them at Entertainment Earth here.

Great Scott! Superman wave 1 from FTC


Mego fans have been speculating about what characters would be in FTC’s first wave of Superman characters and now the mystery is solved thanks to this post on Figures Website. Wave one: Superman, Bizarro, Supergirl and a properly impish Mr Mxy! More here:

FTC reveals Tarzan and Conan characters


Figures Toy Co has revealed it’s upcoming Tarzan and Robert Howard lineups on their website today. Conan, King Kull and Solomon Kane. Tarzan, Jane, Korak, and Meriem round out the first round of Edgar Rice Burroughs characters.

FTC reveals Batman Exclusives for 2014


Figures Toy Company just unleashed a pile of photos of their upcoming Batman 1966 exclusives including the previously mentioned Joker figures but now including Pink Cowl Batman and boxing variations of Batman and Robin. While the Jokers are available at and Entertainment Earth respectively, the others are assumed to be exclusive to FTC until…

The Amazing Spider-Men

Mego 12" Spider-Man

Courtesy of super collector Mark Huckabone, we don’t talk enough about Mego’s entry into 1/6th scale and here is proof. Four distinct variations in carded Spider-Man 12″ figures right under our noses. This would be the first version, featuring the Canadian skinny body. Version 2 features the muscular body that is more known in the…

Heroes in Action Timeline

MARS_vs_PRES_MON_2pack_SDCC copyBaracula

Heroes in Action toys has shared with us it’s schedule of releases for the next year, this includes their newly announced Cosmic Raiders and Mars Attacks line of figures: July 2014 – Presidential Monsters Jrs 4″ figures series 1 -Baracula / Phantom White House / Zombush -Mars Attacks Jrs 4″ figures -2 Martians (one with…

FTC reveals Wonder Woman


Great Hera, not only did Figures Toy Company release images of their upcoming Wonder Woman figure (note the revised head sculpt) but they revealed she’ll come on two different styles of card. The new updated look with a single character (shades of Palitoy) and a revised card that is more inline with the classic Mego…