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The Amazing Spider-Men

Mego 12" Spider-Man

Courtesy of super collector Mark Huckabone, we don’t talk enough about Mego’s entry into 1/6th scale and here is proof. Four distinct variations in carded Spider-Man 12″ figures right under our noses. This would be the first version, featuring the Canadian skinny body. Version 2 features the muscular body that is more known in the…

Heroes in Action Timeline

MARS_vs_PRES_MON_2pack_SDCC copyBaracula

Heroes in Action toys has shared with us it’s schedule of releases for the next year, this includes their newly announced Cosmic Raiders and Mars Attacks line of figures: July 2014 – Presidential Monsters Jrs 4″ figures series 1 -Baracula / Phantom White House / Zombush -Mars Attacks Jrs 4″ figures -2 Martians (one with…

FTC reveals Wonder Woman


Great Hera, not only did Figures Toy Company release images of their upcoming Wonder Woman figure (note the revised head sculpt) but they revealed she’ll come on two different styles of card. The new updated look with a single character (shades of Palitoy) and a revised card that is more inline with the classic Mego…

Batman 1966 Wave 2


Figures Toy Co unveiled the follow up wave to their celebrated line of 1966 Batman figures consisting of Dick Grayson, Adam West, the Penguin and Egghead. They look every bit as good as wave one. What a time to be alive… You can order wave one of Batman 1966 at Entertainment Earth.

Heroes in Action announces Cosmic Raiders

Heroes in Action announces the Cosmic Raiders, an action figure line based on the Tomland Toys "Star Raiders"

One of the more pleasant surprises from this past weekend’s Mego Meet 2014 was Heroes in Action Toys announcement of the new Cosmic Raiders line of action figures. Based on the classic 1970s toy line by Tomland toys that went under such names as Star Raiders, Star Command and Creatures from other worlds. Mego Meet…

Order the Mego Meet X T Shirt

bXxUGPs (1)

The official shirt for Mego Meet 10 is produced in conjunction with the fine folks at the Stockholm Agency and is such a fine garment even if you’re not attending this June 6-7 in Wheeling (although seriously, consider it) you may want one. Well, luckily that’s good news as we’re extending the shirt offer to…

Figures Toy Co reveals wave 2 of Batman ’66


Figures Toy Co showed off packaged examples of their highly anticipated 8″ Batman 1966 line on their instagram page revealing one nice little tidbit in what we can expect from Wave 2, which will include: Dick Grayson (Burt Ward) Penguin (Burgess Meredith) Bruce Wayne (Adam West) Egghead (Vincent Price) Wave one is already shipping to…

Mike Tyson Mysteries Figure coming this August


Bifbangpow! has unveiled their latest 8″ figure based on the Cartoon Network’s “Mike Tyson Mysteries” series, it’s Mike himself clad in a blue track suit. Figure will retail for $24.99 and will be available this August. You can pre=order Mike at Entertainment Earth!

Crime Fighter Accessories for 1966 Batman


It’s been a really terrific week for the Mego fans in terms of news. Figures Toy Corp just announced a 25 piece Crime Fighting Accessories kit made up of fan favorite props from the series such as the Batphone, the Bat Shield, the Bat-Zooka, you get the picture.   Our Batcaves are going to be…