Advertising Gallery

This ad appeared in the toy trades to illustrate how much TV advertising Mego was putting behind Action Jackson, a bold step for a company that never advertised on television

Very Rare Italian Trade Ad featuring Action JacksonMego's original man of action was also their first venture into the world of advertising. As the story goes, Action Jackson was the first time Mego had done television advertising and the ambitious commercials violated broadcast standards at the time by using stop motion animation. The ads were not broadcast and the resulting financial loss motivated a new creative idea, the World's Greatest Super Heroes, which soon eclipsed AJ. But the story doesn't end there, Mego continued it's aggressive ad compaign into print world as well. Focusing mainly on trade advertising in the states.The true shining star of the ad game however, isn't Mego but their Italian distributor Baravelli. Baravelli created a wonderful ad campaign featuring Action Jackson as the everyman star in a series of adventures teamed up with the World's Greatest Superheroes, Tex Willer or Duking it out with Dracula and the Joker (on his own even) This section will continue to ad more AJ advertising as it's found but for now enjoy the amazing Craziness of Action Jackson Marketing!

Special Thanks to Albert Malnait, Mike Jimenez and Ben Holcomb for these fantastic contributions!