Loose Action Jackson

Bold adventure may be his game, but consistency is not. When trying to list what comes with what AJ set, there are tons of variations. Some suits came with different items over time, and some were redesigned. Variations abound with AJ accessory sets, especially since they were released under different names at different times. As a result, we've taken packaged AJ suits, removed them and cataloged each piece present in the sets we had. However, some items vary in some sets, which will make this section a work in progress for a while. If you have an item not pictured, please let us know. We'd love a pic of the variation to add to the section. Email

Right now the this section contains information on the boxed sets. The carded sets are harder to come by, and as we get photos of those parts we will add the carded sets to Accessory Check. So far only a couple are represented. If you have these loose and would like to help out, please email

Action Jackson and his accessories have not been reproduced. However, some factory reproduction pieces exists because they were available on other figures that were reproduced. Those have been noted, but for the most part, the AJ section has less description and comparision of parts, and is more a checklist of accessories.

A quick note on emblems. Most AJ sets have the AJ emblem sticker somewhere stuck on a piece of uniform. Some on a hat, some on a shirt, etc... These stickers often fall off in the packaging making it appear the piece came without a sticker. Often, the sticker simply was never there in the first place. It is difficult to determine what ALWAYS had a sticker and what sometimes had a sticker. Therefore we have chosen not to mention whether a piece should or should not have a sticker in the Accessory Check pages since it is very probable that the stickers were often omitted in the factory. Most commonly, there is a sticker on the chest of each uniform.

Special thanks to Paul Clarke who provided the AJ sets for photography.


Your basic AJ figure comes with a white cloth belt, which is the same belt they later made yellow and used for Robin in the WGSH line. This item has not been factory reproduced.


AJ usually comes with white short cropped boots that have not been factory reproduced. However, sometimes the basic AJ came with the taller white combat boots. Besides the color, these are the same combat boots found with the POTA Soldier Ape and other AJ Military sets. The original tall white boots are pictured here, although the comparision picture is the black version of the boots. All attributes are the same. The white boots have been reproduced by Classic TV Toys. The original is made of a firm plastic, while the CTVT reproduction is a very soft rubbery material. The CTVT repro is unmarked.



AJ's most commonly come in two types of jumpsuits, although there are variations. The dark blue jumpsuit is made of cotton and is thicker. The light blue is usually made of nylon. Neither has been factory reproduced.



AJ's emblem offers a variety of flavors as well, whether it's on the jumpsuit or one of the uniforms. Some are embroidered and stiched on, some are embroidered and glued on and some are cloth printed emblems. A few accessories, the football helmet for example, features a clear sticker to represent AJ's emblem on an item.



Boxed AJ's usually have a sticker sheet included. These stickers have not been factory reproduced.

Dog Tag

dog tag

Your basic AJ comes with a military style Dog Tag around his neck, hanging from a multi-colored string. This item has not been factory reproduced.


AJ has many different looks. From brown hair, black hair, blonde, or red. With beard or without. Even his skin tone and ethnicity can change. Here are the heads available as Action Jackson. None have been factory reproduced.

Type 1 Body


Action Jackson was initially released on the first Mego Type 1 Body, sometimes refered to as Type 0, then later released on the metal rivet type 1 body that was more commonly used on the rest of Mego's figures during the early 70's. Both versions of these bodies are less muscled than the later T2's and are strung together with elastic. The main difference between the two is the earlier version had plasic joints which were later replaced with metal rivets. Also of note is that there is a couple versions of the plastic jointed body. The joints were reworked at some point before the switch to the metal joints. AJ is most commonly found on these bodies and they have not been factory reproduced.

Type 2 Body


AJ can be found on the Mego Type 2 body, although it's less common. The second version of the male body is more buff and features a new version of the plastic joints instead of metal rivets. It is strung together with hooks and rubber. Both Doctor Mego/EMCE Toys and Classic TV Toys offer factory made repro Mego bodies. DM's (marked 7th Street Toys on the back or Sphereworks) is very accurate in detail and appearance. Lighter in flesh color, with a heavier feel and more rubbery hands. CTVT's bodies (marked Figures, Inc. on the back) are closer to original color, but tend to run a touch shorter, are more fragile, and have a slightly different design. A telltale sign of the CTVT body are the legs that tend to snap together at the knees. It should also be noted that Tim Mee produced the Type 2 body during the Mego era. This is a vintage knockoff that is identical in almost every way to the original body. It's weight is perhaps a touch lighter, and the Mego copyright info on the back of the body has been blotted out, but otherwise it's identical. Also of note is color differences. Tim Mee gave the Native American figures in the Western line a reddish tint.