Gift Sets and Mailer Boxes:

This gift set of 3 costumes, a figure and a parachute plunge is an example of retailers packaging AJ in different configurations to move merchandise. Examples have been seen of 4 costumes with a boxed Batman or Spider-Man figures. From Rob Chatlin's collection.

action Jackson in the 1974 Wards Catalog

Most Catalog houses (such as Wards Pictured above bundled Aj with outfits and or accessories to bring up dollar value most likely. Here are some examples of surviving mailer boxed items:

A catalog mail gift set below came with a parachute plunge, Ski Patrol Outfit and a figure. From Rob Chatlin's collection.

Mego action jackson mailer box set

Another cool combination of AJ, air force outfit and helicopter back pack, courtesy of Roberto.

JC Penney Mailer Box for Mego Action Jackson

JC Penney's mailer box for Action Jackson outfits,

JC Penney Mailer Box for Mego Action Jackson