Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mego Batmobile Commercial and Mego Meet News

Cool Ad today, the original Mego Batman Commercial for all the snazzy junk he had.

Mego Buzz

Mike unveils the exclusive Jet Jungle box that will be only available at next week's Megomeet

Tom recreates a famous scene from Tim Burton's Batman

The Megomeet raffle will be open at the end of this week, fantastic prizes include a carded Andorian, Classic TV Toys, a Knock Knock Toys Toyman and much, much more.

More Megomeet news, not only will Megomeet attendees get an exclusive Jet Jungle Card but rumour has it Wave 5 cards will debut at Megomeet. That's 11 new designs to collect!

Nothing like finding a MOC Catwoman and auctioning off, even better if you find an Aquaman with it.

More MegoMeet information coming soon, also check out World's Greatest Toys for an amazing update!


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