Friday, June 16, 2006

Mego Pocket Superheroes Catalog Page

Added the 1981 JC Penney Catalog to the Department Store Catalog pages in the library. It's a pretty interesting looking page because it shows Mego's decline and how differently things got marketed back then.

Server Raffle- Joe is holding another server raffle, the grand prize is a carded Mugato, I know I'll be kicking in large sized prints of the Megomuseum Trading Cards as prizes as well. This year, Joe is going to buy new improved forum software, I hope it happends.

Supermania- Super Tuesday brings us many new Superman DVD's including the greatly awaited Superman the Animated Series Volume 3 DVD. Will points out some of the bonuses available on the TAS disk and detractors of the upcoming animated Superman movie.

Millionaire Playboy for sale- with all this Superman fever, we can't forget the caped crusader. Here Heath has a really nice Mego Bruce Wayne for auction.


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