Wyatt Earp

The Tombstone Lawman is wearing one of the more colourful outfits in the line. He comes with a set of six shooters (of course) and his pants have a simulated leather feel to them.

Mego never reused Wyatt's headsculpt so it is completely unique to this figure alone.



Another breathtaking box for this line, arguably some of the best packaging Mego ever produced.

Mego Wyatt Earp Checklist

Hat, Blue Shirt with Star Sticker, Chaps

Double Hoslster, 2 Pistols, Red Neckerchief




Like his AW compadres, Wyatt also came on a Kresge card and later a Lionrock card.

New to the Museum are shots of the recently unearthed original artwork for Wyatt Earp. All pics are Courtesy of Vincent Cerbone.

The print appears to be about 3X larger than the box itself, not uncommon

Here it looks like Morrow's signature was carefully removed for the packaging.

Not only a fantastic piece of toy history but a work of art that would look awesome in any home.

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