Mego's Heroes of the Wild West series featured 6 historical figures. Of all of Mego's public domain series, it seems evident that the Western series was one of the strongest sellers.

NEWS FLASH Thanks to smart detective work by our own Ron (Stabilio), it has recently been proven that the American West Boxes were in fact drawn by the late, great Gray Morrow. This important fact ends years of speculation as to who drew those great boxes. Gray's signature is noticeable on the Buffalo Bill box.

The series was available in solid boxes and Kresge Cards (both offered around the same time). Foreign distributors in Spain and Germany offered their own unique packaging (click on the galleries to view). In Italy the line was transformed into Tex Willer based on a best selling Western comic book series. A cash strapped Mego produced the Western Heroes on Lion Rock Cards in 1980, later Timee Toys reproduced the series using cheaper materials.

Wild Bill Hickock, Davey Crocket, Wyatt Earp, Buffalo Bill, Cochise, and Sitting Bull.


pic provided by Rob Chatlin

1974 JC Penney Catalog depicting the American West

1974 page from the JC Penney Christmas Catalog depicting the Mego Western Heroes. For more pics like this visit the Mego Christmas Catalogs section.

Mego proposed a Dodge city playset for the American West Line

Mego Dodge City playset was not produced however the basic structure (two vinyl halves) was used for the Mego Batcave , Planet of the Apes Village and the Action Jackson Lost Continent playsets.

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