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The Mego General Ursus figure is named after the character in Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

He has NO helmet, and a face that is nearly all black. When first released, Mego Ursus was dressed in the same outfit as the Soldier Ape, including all three primary variations (blue, brown, and lizard/blue) WITH gloves.

In those outfits, with sleeves that are completely fabric; he must have gloves to be complete. Mego Ursus was later released in his own outfit, similar to the Urko top, with attached cuffs in place of gloves. All of these outfits included the same brown pants as the Mego Soldier Ape.

To be complete, Mego General Ursus needs the following: Brown pants, either the Soldier Ape top (AND gloves) OR the Ursus top with attached cuffs, smooth general boots (with creased toes), general's bandolier with short sword, and rifle with string. It has been speculated that the early BOXED version of Ursus contained the Soldier Ape outfit, while the CARDED version tended to have the cuffed top. Like all of the figures in Mego's second POTA wave, the General is found on both Type 1 (metal joint) and Type 2 (plastic joint) bodies. Bear in mind that this figure was released as both General Ursus AND General Urko.


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The rare Mego boxed Ursus. He is called Urko and wears a Soldier Ape uniform in the box illustrations (Pics from the Museum's expert and founder of the wing, ABMAC)

Mego Yellow Carded Ursus courtesy of Brain.

This beautiful Palitoy UK Mego Release of General Ursus is courtesy of Mike J. Notice that his outfit is black.

Mego Ursus in his Mexican (Cipsa) outfit, the sleeves for Ursus have been known to come in both reddish brown and green! (pic courtesy of Mike J.

Here is Soldier Ursus from Mexico, who is intent on finding Humans and his Pants, that joke never gets old! (courtesy Mexico's own Luis Felipe!)

Like the first series of Planet of the apes figures, the second series ( Galen, Urko, Ursus, Virdon, and Burke) also have three card variations for each figure. Unlike the first series, these variations have to do with copy right information and the Ursus / Urko switch. The first issue cards credits Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp with all the characters. On this card Urko has a helmet (as he did in the TV show) and Ursus is the black faced general.

Since Ursus was not part of the TV show, a correction was made and a second card was issued with an asterix next to Ursus's name, creditting the character to Apjac Productions Inc. and Twentieth Century with all the rest of the characters still creditted to only Twentieth Century. For, as of yet, some unknown reason, Mego decided to switch the names of the Urko and Ursus figures leading to the third and last variation. Figures on any of these three cards can be found with either a type one or type two body.

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