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Zira, the lone female of the Planet of the Apes action figures, is the Chimpanzee wife of Cornelius. In the film, she is recognized as a doctor (an Animal Psychologist - of course, the "animals" were Humans!), but Mego did not give her the "Doctor" designation bestowed upon Zaius.

For reasons unknown, Mego put Zira in caramel colored western styled boots. She wears a green fabric skirt. Her top is matching green fabric with vinyl details (generally brown) and snug inner sleeves of brown fabric. There is a recognized variation which LACKS the brown inner sleeves. In truly pristine examples, the green fabric possesses a beautiful silky sheen.

Like Cornelius, there is a very rare variation of the outfit. The variant outfit is made of a light brown fabric, in place of green, but with the same vinyl details. Photo supplied by Phil Frederichs.

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First issue Mego Zira card notice her brown outfit (courtesy of Mike J.)

Second issue Mego Zira card (courtesy of Mike J.)

Green Haired Zira MOC. Note the fact that their are no inner sleeves on this variation.(Mike J strikes again!)

Above are some screen caps of the Apes TV Commercials featuring some early Mego Cornelius and Zira prototypes. Note the early head sculpts and uniforms and that the astronaut is obviously just an Action Jackson.(all photo cred for the commercial photos go to Mike T1K)

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