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Dr. Zaius is the lone Orangutan figure of the Mego Planet of the Apes line, based on the character from the first two Apes movies, played masterfully by the venerable Shakespearean actor Maurice Evans. As Minister of Science and Chief Defender of the Faith, Zaius was responsible for the preservation of Ape Culture, which also meant that it was his duty to stifle discovery of the "long dead but superior human culture."

Mego sculptors did a wonderful job of capturing the likeness of Zaius. His beige outfit includes kneepants and a jacket, with vertical strips of brown fabric representing the leather glyphics of the originals, and fake fur cuffs. An orange outfit would have been more accurate, but Mego fans should be thankful they didn't get Dr. Zaius in blue, as he was depicted in dozens of other toy lines.

Dr. Zaius came in the coolest of ALL Ape boots: Very tall and made in black plastic, these boots had fantastic "Glyphics" molded into the upper sides. These boots were unique to Zaius, and never used for any other figure. At some point, however, it's believed that Mego also packaged Zaius with a simpler black boot (available with the fishing outfit for Action Jackson). While this style is unofficially "correct," the glyphic boots are much more desired by collectors.

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Other than the two kinds of boots, there are no outfit variants for Mego Zaius, other than the different shades of hair colouring which really doesn't count.

The Mego Zauis first issue card is taller and wider than the common second issue (See the Cornelius page for exact size comparison). The figure will always have a type 1 body and may sport the black hero booties.







it's not commonly known that Mego printed Kresge cards for the apes like they did with the heroes, as you can see it's essentially a 1st version card with the kresge logo and price printed directly on.


You're most likely to find Dr Zaius on this second issue Mego card, the body type will vary however.

This is a photo of a Mexican Cipsa Dr. Zaius box courtesy Mike King of Quest for Toys. EL PLANETA DE SIMIOS!!


Almost all Mego Dr. Zaius Information and packaging shots were provided by Mike J.


Palitoy Carded Mego Dr Zauis was issued on two different cards in the U.K., this is the second. (Courtesy of Mike J)


Bullmark of Japan released the Apes in stylish window boxes (note the posing) Box courtesy of Mike J. These figures are often thought to be released by Popy another Japanese distributor, this isn't the case.

Did you ever wonder what was written on those Bullmark catalogs?

Well thanks to the John Bonavita Mego Archives we have an answer.

"TOP SECRET! The Challenger to the Ape is no-one but you!"

Doctor Zauis is working hard to give birth to a Super Powered Monkey (Psymon) who has a LSI computer in his head and a hand which is 100 times stronger than a usual Gorilla.

The birth of Psymon is a complete challenge for the the Planet of the Apes against Earth. Either the brain of the Apes win or you and your knowledge wins

Let's help Taylor fight together! Give us your ideas of weapons, vehicles to challenge the apes!

Earth Defence Command Center: Bullmark"

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