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The Mego Star Trek Telescreen Console Playset, an electronic Marvel!

Mego Telescreen Console Playset


Truly a unique piece in the Mego Star Trek line, part game, part playset the Telescreen console is unique unto itself. It's design is very similiar to conputers that appeared on the Original series, one could almost imagine Captain Kirk blowing this up.

 Side profile of the playset, it's extremely large and quite heavy

The game aspect of it is extremely indicative of it's time, you line the enemy ship into your sites and watch the fire works, all the while you keep your own score. Having a figure sit in the chair was a master stroke as it adds immense play value to the whole scenario.

The original instructions for this highly complicated device.

The packaging for the telescreen playset features some awesome artwrok of Kirk and Spock

The telescreen console has one of the more attractive packages in the Mego trek line, something every somber about the black background.