USS Enterprise   Mission to GammaVI

 Command Console



Complete with the scariest Mego box art ever created....The Enterprise

Click Here for a larger version of this eclectic image....


The Transporter is the great gimmick of the Enterprise playset. This is classic Mego. The figure fits into the chamber, the dial knob is spun and as the stickers on the side whirl by you get a fairly passable "transport" illusion. The red and green buttons on top correspond to colored stickers at the base of the chamber. Put him in green, spin, then hit the red button and Viola! The figure has disappeared!


He actually has slipped out the back door....Fabulous...Really great. This has to take you back. Next to the Batcave I'd say this is the most popular Mego playset. I dragged mine to school every day in the first grade until it fell apart and my dad stitched it together with a leather punch and shoelaces. I've told that story before, but it's my web page, so just enjoy the new pictures...Suffice to say that Mr. Spock coming out the back door to marvel at the "fascinating" playground fauna is a great memory.

Back on the bridge we have the Captain's chair, console and two crew stools. The most common color of plastic for the set is blue, but yellow or green furniture is also to be found, as well as the occasional black stool.

In a gratuitous shot of my custom Sulu at the helm we also get to admire the Star Trek logo on the floor.

Let's also appreciate the completely odd artwork of the 3 double-sided viewscreen shots. Some funky, FUNKY creativity going on here, but what's up with the way the Enterprise is drawn? I could draw that way when I was seven, so maybe that's what they were shooting for? Who the hell knows.

Do you need Viewscreens for your Enterprise? Click here to download a ZIP file of the images for printout. (This is a first for me, so let me know if it's working out...) Spray glue them to cardboard and go to town.

The last section of the Enterprise is the Engine Room. There's a vaguely technical drawing in the yellow box on the wall. Scotty...well, we've always asked so much of you, you'll just have to make do with this.

Thanks to previous contributors who submitted Enterprise pictures previously seen here. . I can be lazy sometimes getting actual camera photos of my own stuff (Scanner Boy). I'm pretty happy with these shots I took of my playset and I hope you've enjoyed them.