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Photos Courtesy Rob Chatlin

These were big fun! You could talk to your friends and annoy truckers with your Mego Star Trek Communicators. "Real walkie-talkies!" Mego cleverly repackaged these hit toys for Batman and Robin a year later, the Bat Coders were released in limited quantities.

A few years later, Mego continued to pour money down the toilet with these Star Trek The Motion Picture Wrist Communicators!

The Star Trek Command Console was designed to interact with the Mego Communicators

Wait! Don't think you're done because you have the communicators, now you need the command console!

The Command Console actually works with the Mego Star Trek Communicators and has a light up front that really looks like it belongs on the deck of the enterprise. On the other side of the Universe, Mego tried to repackage this toy for Batman

Mego went all out with this box art, like everything else in the trek series,

Original Mego instructions. Thanks to Mike Farrence for all the great pics!