Accessory Check : KISS Original and Known Reproduction Parts

The 12" KISS line features many accessories, none of which have been factory reproduced. These pages can be used as a checklist of proper accessories for each figure.

Thanks to K. Thomas for the pics of Peter Criss, and special thanks to Chris Jefferys for providing all the other photos and the information about the figures used in this section.

12" Skinny Body


The Mego 12" body is very similar to the 8" type 2, with a different joint for the shoulders. This line is most commonly found on what we call for the WGSH the 12" "skinny" body. Nicknamed so because the other body Mego sometimes used for the the 12" line is more muscled and wider. However, early KISS figures can be found on even skinner, less articulated bodies. The body Mego tended to use for the males in the celebrity lines, like Sonny Bono (no picture available). Neither body has not been factory reproduced.