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18. World's Greatest Super Heroes

When people mention Mego action figures, they invariably think of the Official World's Greatest Super Heroes. The largest of all lines, it totaled 37 characters in all, excluding duplication (i.e. Fist Fighters and removable mask Batman and Robin) Initially sold boxed, they were all released on cards towards the end of the run.


There were several running changes made during the production of these figures. The first was a minor change in costume material for Superman, Batman, and Aquaman. When first released, these figures had nylon material for the trunks of their outfits. However, the nylon was soon replaced with the common stretch polyester the rest of the uniform was constructed from. Another change was the spider design on Spiderman's chest. The original costume had a black spider in a solid red oval in the center of the chest's web design. The 2nd and much more common version simply has a black spider over the webbing design, with no oval.


A third variation is the facial design of Mr. Mxyzptlk. The first head, the 'smirking face' variation, has an evil grimace, and is more narrow with less hair, so the hat seems too large for the head. The second head has a slightly opened mouth, and more hair on the sides of the head. Supergirl, Batgirl and Catwoman each went from multi-piece costumes (separate clothes, boots and/or belts) to single piece unitards that had boots, belts, and insignia stickers screened onto the costumes. Lastly, Wonder Woman came with or without red boots, but is considered complete either way.



18a. DC Super Heroes & Villains


Unitard with green leggings with green nylon fins on calves, black trucks (nylon or poly,) sewn-on yellow belt, and orange shirt. The yellow belt has an inverted "V" sticker on the center front. He has two separate green plastic "oven mitt" style gloves.



Gray unitard with yellow bat insignia on chest, yellow plastic heeled boots, yellow oven mitt gloves, yellow plastic utility belt with purse attached, and blue plastic cowl for her upper head. A blue nylon cape completes her stylish ensemble.


The One-Piece variation has a gray unitard with screened on yellow boots, yellow belt, and yellow bat insignia. She also has the same cape, gloves, and cowl as above.


Batman with removable cowl

The first version of Batman came with a removable cowl. Under the blue plastic headpiece was the face of Bruce Wayne. This was the same head used for the Bruce Wayne Alter Ego figure.



Unitard with gray leggings and shirt and black trunks (either nylon or poly), blue boots, blue cape, blue oven mitt gloves, yellow utility belt, and black and yellow oval bat sticker on chest.


Batman with removable cowl

The first version of Batman came with a removable cowl. Under the blue plastic headpiece was the face of Bruce Wayne. This was the same head used for the Bruce Wayne Alter Ego figure.



Unitard with flesh colored leggings and sleeves, and blue one-piece bathing suit type middle with a blue tail sewn on the back. The outfit also has a blue nylon stand up collar. Blue plastic boots and long blue gloves add the finishing touches.


The One-Piece variation has the same color scheme, but with blue screened boots. The gloves and collar remain the same.


Green Arrow

Unitard with light green leggings, flesh colored sleeves, and dark green vest with flared shoulders. The sleeves also have built in green gloves, that complement the character's green hands. Accessories include green plastic boots, green plastic arrow quiver and belt, green had with feather, and brown plastic bow.



Printed screened sleeveless body suit, with purple pinstripe pants, green shirt, orange vest and black bolo tie, brown shoes, and purple tuxedo coat with tails. The sleeves of the coat are ringed with green.


Mr. Mxyzptlk

Orange unitard with long waist, screened on purple shoes, black plastic belt, and purple plastic trim on the hem line, neck line, and shoulders.



Printed screened sleeveless body suit, with purple pinstripe pants with white spats, white shirt with buttons and bow tie, black shoes, and black nylon coat with white sleeve trimming.



Green unitard covered with small screened on question marks and one large question mark on the chest, and a purple plastic belt. Some photos show the Riddler with green plastic boots, but this is an error.



Green plastic shoes, green trunks, red nylon shirt with green sleeves and circular "R" sticker, yellow plastic utility belt and green oven mitt gloves.


Robin with removable mask

The first Robin issued, had a plain Dick Grayson head, and small black mask that fit over his eyes. This costume was identical to the regular Robin, except the green shorts and sleeves were yellow. The gloves were green. In addition, he belt was yellow elastic with a metal buckle.



Red unitard with sewn on yellow belt, thick yellow cuffs on the sleeve, and a lightning bolt sticker on the chest, yellow plastic boots, and a yellow cape with stand up collar and elastic neck band.



Blue unitard with red trunks (nylon or poly,) sewn on yellow belt, red cape sewn around the neck line with the famous "S" sticker on the chest, and plastic red boots.



Unitard with flesh colored leggings, red trunks, blue blouse with plunging neckline, and tiny "S" sticker, yellow elastic belt with metal buckle, red cape, and red slipper shoes.


The one piece variation had the boots, belt, and "S" insignia screened on.


Wonder Woman

Flesh colored unitard with screened on red boots, blue trunks with white stars, red and yellow bird design bodice, and blue cuffs. Some versions came with red plastic boots.


18b. Marvel Super Heroes & Villains

Captain America

Blue Unitard with blue sewn on belt, red and white vertically striped screened mid-section, and white star sticker on chest, red plastic boots, and plastic shield with sticker of red and white concentric circles with a blue interior with a white center star.



Unitard with red leggings, white chest with red stomach flares and large vee cut opening and brown sleeves, red "wings" connecting sleeves to the back of the costume, and white and red plastic boots.


Green Goblin

Unitard with green scaled leggings and sleeves, pink chest and large pink sleeve cuffs, pink plastic pointed toe boots, and brown plastic over the shoulder satchel with strap.



Pink pants with holes in the knees, and pink rope belt.


Human Torch

Red unitard screened with black and yellow flame designs.


Invisible Girl

Blue Unitard with black collar, sewn on black belt, and sewn on plastic circular "4" emblem on chest, black boots, and black gloves.


Iron Man

Unitard with yellow leggings and sleeves, red trunks and chest with rounded shoulders, plastic red circular button sewn onto chest with yellow sticker inside, red plastic boots, red plastic gloves, and red plastic belt.



Sleeveless unitard with purple pants with ragged cuffs, black shirt, and sewn on green tail, and white lab coat with pocket flaps.


Mr. Fantastic

Blue Unitard with black collar, sewn on black belt, and sewn on plastic circular "4" emblem on chest, black boots, and black gloves.



Blue unitard screened with red boots, belt, chest and sleeves with spider web design.



Orange unitard screened with rock design, blue trunks and black belt, sewn on, in the back.



Unitard with blue leggings, black trunks and chest, with six blue circles sewn on, yellow belt, sewn on, in the back, and flared shoulders and sewn on red cape, yellow boots with black cuffs, red elastic wristbands with black piping, gray plastic hammer, and silver plated helmet with wings on the sides.


18c. Misc. Super Heroes


Brown plastic boots, furry loin cloth, plastic yellow wrist bands, plastic yellow belt, plastic brown belt with sword sheath, gray sword and gray double edged axe.



White dress with black belt and collar with gold designs, black and gold wristbands, white panties, and black spiral sandals.



Flesh colored unitard, animal skin over the shoulder loincloth, and plastic black knife.


18d. Fist-Fighting Super Heroes

Push the button on the back of the figure, and it activated the fist-fighting movement, either a punch or karate chop. The costumes and accessories were the same, with the exception of a hole in the back of the costume where the button stuck out. Four were released in America, while Palitoy of England released four more.


America: Batman, Joker, Riddler, and Robin


England: Captain America, Lizard, Spiderman, and Superman


18e. Alter-Ego Figures

Available only in 1974, through Montgomery Ward's mail order catalog, these are the four holy grails of Mego collecting. They came in plastic bags as a head, clothing and shoes only.

The Clark Kent head was identical to the standard Superman head, while Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were the heads from the earlier removable mask Batman and Robin figures. Peter Parker was modified version of Shazam, with a rounded hairline, and blue eyes instead of black. The backs of the heads have no identifying copyright info.


Bruce Wayne

Gray slacks and suit jacket, white collared shirt with blue tie, and black shoes.


Clark Kent

Blue slacks and suit jacket, white collared shirt with red tie, black shoes, black hat, and black glasses.


Dick Grayson

Brown slacks, white shirt with brown collar, beige sweater with 2 brown buttons, and black shoes.


Peter Parker

Powder blue slacks, red turtleneck shirt and white shoes.


18f. Vehicles

Batcopter Batcycle

Batmobile Captain Americar Green Arrowcar Joker Mobile

Mobile Bat Lab Spidercar


18g. Playsets

Aquaman vs. the Great White Shark

Batcave Hall of Justice

Supervator Wayne Foundation



19. World's Greatest Super Knights

Another series based on myth, legend and countless movies. There were rumors of Queen Guenivere, but, like Merlin, she was never actually produced. Regardless, these are stunning figures, with much attention paid to the details. The armor is fused on the knights, and can only be removed if the seams are broken. They came in window boxes only. The popularity of this line continues to grow once collectors get a glimpse of them. Again, they are stunning.


Black Knight

Black boots, metallic unitard, black smock with black and white circular design, silver shoulder armor, black helmet with white side wings, circular black shield with white design and silver plated sword, different from the others.



Tall silver boots, metallic unitard, silver chest armor with yellow dragon design, silver shoulder armor, silver helmet with visor and red-feathered plume, red and yellow lance and red shield with yellow dragon design on it.


King Arthur

Brown slippers, purple unitard with gold trim on the sleeves, purple cape with fur collar, yellow belt, gold necklace, gold plated crown and silver plated sword.


Sir Galahad

Tall silver boots, metallic unitard, silver chest armor with blue design, silver shoulder armor, silver belt with sheath and silver plated sword, white and silver helmet with visor and blue-feathered plume and orange shield with blue design on it.


Sir Launcelot

Tall silver boots, metallic unitard, white chest armor with blue design, white shoulder armor, silver belt with sheath and silver plated sword, silver helmet with visor and yellow-feathered plume and white shield with blue design on it.



20. World's Greatest Super Pirates


Tall black boots, maroon pants and connected white ruffled shirt, maroon jacket, gold belt, brown flintlock pistol, sword and black three corner hat.


Captain Patch

Black shoes, blue and pink socks, brown pants, green shirt with neck and cuff lace, pink sash belt and brown flintlock blunderbuss


Jean Lafitte

Tall black boots, purple pants, white shirt with ruffled neck lace, red vest with yellow trim, green belt, black hat and 2 brown flintlock pistols.


Long John Silver

Single brown show and red and white striped sock, blue pants, red and white striped shirt, red jacket with gold trim and sewn on green parrot, yellow neckerchief, black belt with sheath and sword, dagger and black three corner hat.


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