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21. Common Parts and Accessories

Interchange ability of heads and accessories was a cornerstone of Mego's plastic empire. Here is a brief list of known accessory and head duplication.


Black Dress Shoes

Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Dick Grayson, Richie Cunningham, Ralph Malph, The Penguin, John boy, and Grandpa Walton

Dress Shoes are same mold, of course. A white version is on Boss Hog.

Brown Dress Shoes

Potsie, Pa Walton, Joker, and S&H Capt. Dobey


Brown Moccasins

Cochise, Sitting Bull, Davy Crockett, Starsky, Cornelius, Galen, Virdon, and Burke


Oz's Dorothy and Isis have the same white panties.


Teen Titan Wondergirl and Star Trek's 12" Ilia have the same necklace, but in different colors.


Blackbeard and Zorro have the same sword.


S&H Chopper wears POTA General boots.

Some Action Jackson outfits have the same M-16 rifle as the POTA figures Urko, Ursus and Soldier ape.


The AJ Air Force and Scramble Cycle outfits have the same helmet and visor as the POTA's Astronaut.


Zira wears Dinah-mite Wild Western boots.


The 7" Lion Rock Soldier figures have Teen Titan bodies

Speedy, Robin Hood and Will Scarlet have the same quiver (This example is BROKEN. Used for easy scanning. Strap and quiver are one peice and are worn as modeled by Rob's Speedy.)

Green Arrow, Speedy, Robin Hood and Will Scarlet have the same bow


Jean Lafitte, Blackbeard, and Capt. Patch all have the same flintlock pistols


Blackbeard, Gorn, and Klingon all have the same boots


Black beard and Long John Silver have the same hat


Dracula and the Wizard of Oz have the same pointed black shoes.


Star Trek's Gorn and Klingon have the same outfit

and accessories and all Star Trek Male Crew have the same accessories (see Star Trek gallery).


King Arthur, Sir Galahad and Sir Launcelot all have the same swords


POTA's Urko and Ursus have the same bandoleer with knife and sheath




Superman and Captain America have the same red boots


Robin and Aquaman same the green gloves


Cochise, Davy Crockett and Buffalo Bill Cody have the same rifle


One Million BC figures, Cochise and Sitting Bull all have the same white bone necklace


Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp and Buffalo Bill Cody have the same silver plated revolver.


Robin Hood, Will Scarlet, Little John and Long John Silver all have the same dagger.


Will Scarlet, Long John Silver, and the Black Knight have the same gray belt/sword scabbard.


Little John and Friar Tuck both have the same staff.


Long John Silver and Capt. Patch have the same black shoes, with buckles.

S&H Hutch and Mr. Fantastic have the same black boots.


Alfalfa and Mickey have the same brown shoes.

Bo, Luke, Coy and Vance Duke, and Fonzie all have the same black boots.


WOZ Wicked Witch, Ma Walton, Grandma Walton, and Ellen Walton all have the same black shoes.


1BC Orm, Trag, and Grok all have the same fur boots.

The Black Knight, King Arthur and Robin all have the same style shoes, but in black, tan, and green, respectively.


Batman and The Riddler have the same belt, but in yellow and purple



The Following Figures share the same head, but with different paint jobs


Star Trek's Gorn and The Lizard

King Arthur and Buffalo Bill Cody

Wild Bill Hickok and The Black Knight

POTA's Galen and Cornelius

Superman and Dinah-mite's Don

Shazam and Peter Parker

Sir Galahad, Will Scarlet and Zorro

Wonder Woman and Isis

Ma Walton and Mada


22. Prototypes and Rumors


The Greatest American Hero and Bill Maxwell 8" figures are advertised on the back of the GAH 3 3/4" Car, but Mego went under before they were produced. A few prototypes exist, and these were easily two of Mego's nicest figures. The sculpting on Bill Maxwell is a dead ringer for actor Robert Culp. Truly a shame these were never mass-produced.


John Bonavita's books also lists proposed toy lines based on Doc Savage, The Green Hornet, Dallas, Grease and others. His book gives full details.



III. Mego Packaging and Body Variations


23. Boxes and Cards

23a. Boxes

The first four Mego Super Hero figures, Superman, Batman, Robin, and Aquaman, came in solid boxes, released in 1972. These were soon replaced with Window boxes. The front panel was removed so a cellophane window would allow kids to see the toy before they bought it. These boxes lasted until 1976, when they were universally replaced with Blister Cards.

Robin box and Palitoy UK Card :Scott Arendson

23b. Kresge Blister Cards

S.S. Kresge was a forerunner to K-Mart stores. They wanted their Megos provided on cards, so they could be hung on peg racks like most of their other merchandise. The Kresge card has the bubble in the middle of the card, rather than to far right side, like the standard cards. Some collectors consider the Kresge cards to be more valuable, and collect them as an entire Mego subset.

Kresge Card and Standard Card: Scott Arendson

23c. Standard Blister Cards

Regular Blister cards eventually replaced the window boxes in 1976. These have the bubble on the far right side of the card, with artwork on the left. An unpunched card still has the circular peg-hanging hole intact. Later model cards had a larger hold, that was more oblong.



24. Foreign and specialized Packaging

Mego Product was produced overseas, and marketed through different companies in foreign countries. The most common foreign cards are PALITOY, which produced Megos in the United Kingdom. Denys Fischer also produced Mego in the UK, most notably the Dr. Who series. Baravelli produced figures in Italy, and many were characters exclusive to that country.


Towards the end of Mego's run, many French carded figures made their way into the United States. These figures were primarily the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, and the Human Torch. These cards aren't considered quite as valuable as English cards. Many collectors buy these cheaper, and open them for loose mint figures.


 Table of Contents

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Accessories & Packaging


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