Mego Action Figure Collector's FAQ version 1.1 November 1997



Written by: Rob Chatlin-
Anthony B. McElveen - ABMAC
Eric G. Myers -
John Smokowski -
Judy -
Paul Clarke -
Robert Levy -
Stephen Leach -
Edited for the web by Scott Carroll Adams
Photo credits: Scott Arendson , Rob Chatlin, Scott Carroll.


As a growing number of collectors discover, or rediscover, the joys of Mego action figures, more and more questions covering a broad range of topics arise. This FAQ sprung out of an internet mailing list of Mego fans and collectors. Much of the information contained herein was culled from posts and comments from list members, a group of dedicated Mego collectors striving to find and share answers and information about our mutual obsession. Less a traditional list of Frequently Asked Questions, this is more a Mego Collector's Resource, divided into 7 categories. This is Version 1.1, and is limited to MEGO Action Figures, accessories, and playsets produced on the 8" Scale. Topics for future inclusion are listed at the end of this FAQ.

This document, like our collections, is always growing. Legions of collectors constantly bring new info and insight to the world of Mego Action Figures. If you have any information, corrections, facts, questions, or comments, please e-mail the author.

MEGO ACTION FIGURE COLLECTOR FAQ version 1.1 NOTE: Throughout this FAQ, the term "MEGO" can be used interchangeably to refer to either the Company, or as short hand for the action figures they produced.

Standard Abbreviations:

AJ - Action Jackson
DOH - Dukes of Hazzard
1BC - One Million B.C.
POTA - Planet of the Apes
ST - Star Trek
S&H - Starsky and Hutch
WGSH - World's Greatest Super Heroes
WOZ - Wizard of Oz I.

Illustration notes: Most photos in the FAQ are mainly used as spot illustrations. In the future, the FAQ will be linked to the pages in the Mego Museum that pertain to the text. The exception being the accessory page which we expect to grow beyond shared items.


You may link to the various sections from here, and then navigate using the section links bar at the top and bottom of each FAQ Page.

General Information

I. Mego Company History

II. Resources Available to Collectors On-Line Reference Reference Books Magazines and Periodicals II.


  • 34. Why Can't I Find The Mego I Need?
  • 34a. Scarcity
  • 34b. Supply and Demand
  • 35. General Action Figure Condition Grading
  • 36. Care and Protection
  • III. Product Lines

    3. Action Jackson

  • 3a. Action Jackson Figures
  • 3b. Action Jackson Outfits
  • 3c. Action Jackson Accessories
  • 3d. Action Jackson Vehicles
  • 3e. Action Jackson Playsets
  • 4. American West

    5. CHiPs

    6. Dukes of Hazzard

    7. Happy Days

    8. Mad Monsters

    9. One Million B.C.

    10. Our Gang

    11. Planet of the Apes

  • 11a. Planet of the Apes Figures
  • 11b. Planet of the Apes Accessories
  • 11c. Planet of the Apes Playsets
  • 12. Robin Hood

    13. Starsky & Hutch

    14. Star Trek

  • 14a. Star Trek Crew
  • 14b. Star Trek Aliens
  • 14c. Star Trek Playsets
  • 15. Teen Titans

    16. Waltons

    17. Wizard of Oz

    18. World's Greatest Super Heroes

  • 18a. DC Super Heroes
  • 18b. Marvel Super Heroes & Villains
  • 18c. Misc. Super Heroes & Villains
  • 18d. Fist-Fighting Super Heroes
  • 18e. Alter-Ego Figures
  • 18f. Vehicles
  • 18g. Playsets
  • 19. World's Greatest Super Knights

    20. World's Greatest Super Pirates

    21. Common Parts and Accessories

    22. Prototypes and Rumors III.


    Mego Packaging and Body Variations

  • 23. Boxes and Cards
  • 23a. Boxes
  • 23b. Kresge Blister Cards
  • 23c. Standard Blister Cards
  • 24. Foreign and specialized Packaging
  • 25. Male Body
  • 25a. Male Bodies: Type I or Type II.
  • 25b. Type I/Type II Availability
  • 25c. Unique Bodies
  • 25d. Hands
  • 26. Female Bodies
  • IV. Repair, Restoration, and Cleaning

  • 27. Cleaning Outfits
  • 28. Ironing Costumes
  • 29. Sticker Stuff
  • 29a. Replacement Stickers
  • 29b. Affixing Replacement Stickers
  • 29c. Tips on safely removing old stickers.
  • 30. Type I Body Leg Jobs
  • 30a. Fixing Leg Splay
  • 30b. Type I Leg Display Tricks
  • 31. Re-stringing Type I Bodies
  • 32. Repairing Rubber Bands on Type II Bodies
  • 33. Repairing Knee Joints
  • VI. Make Your Own Custom Figure

  • 37. Phil's Guide for Making a Custom Head
  • 38. Re-rooting Hair
  • 39. Color Removal of Existing Costumes
  • VII. Future Sections

  • Mego Molds turning up elsewhere -- even today
  • Foreign Cards - Flooded by the French Foreign Product Lines
  • Tex Willer
  • Zorro
  • L'Amico Jackson
  • Johnny Jackson
  • Lion Rock World War II Heroes
  • Dr. Who 3 3/4" Figures
  • Black Hole
  • Buck Rogers
  • C.B. McHaul
  • CHiPs
  • Dukes of Hazzard
  • Greatest American Hero
  • The Love Boat
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Micronauts
  • 9" Flash Gordon Figures
  • Space 1999
  • Celebrity Series
  • 12" Figures
  • Black Hole
  • Broadway Joe Namath
  • Buck Rogers
  • KISS
  • Laverne & Shirley
  • Moonraker
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Super Heroes
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Dr. Kromedome
  • Elastic Super Heroes
  • Die Cast Super Heroes
  • Bend N' Flex Super Heroes
  • Magnetic Super Heroes
  • Role Playing Accessories
  • Menuedo
  • Muhammad Ali

     Table of Contents

     History & Reference

     AJ thru Our Gang

     POTA thru WOZ

     WGSH thru Pirates

    Accessories & Packaging


     Repair & Customizing