Super Softies: Batman

Dig the removable cowl on Mego Super Softie Batman

Super Softie Batman

Box for Super Softie 19 inch Batman reads Cuddly, Soft and Safe. Not exactly words you assume with the caped crusader...

In typical Mego fashion both Super Softie Batman dolls have removable cowls.

The Mego Super Softie Bruce Wayne has a removable cowl

You can hear what Batsy says here, notice the Adam West influence!

Click here to hear BatMan talk #1

He says more but it's difficult to understand. This one is "looks like it's the Riddler Chum"

Click here to hear BatMan talk #2

Mego Super Softie Bats (the 19 inch version) in his beautiful packaging

Like all the Super Softie boxes, Batman offers a KING sized variation of the regular WGSH box. What's not to love?.


Mego Super Softie Bats stands next to the eight inch batman, the boxes are king sized variants of the 8 inch line