General Urko : Original Accessories and Known Repros
Loose General Urko


The General Apes wear a pair of boots with indents on the toes making what appears to be space for three toes. They are unique to the general's and have not been factory reproduced.


The General Apes have a bando with a space to put their knife. The bando has been reproduced by Doctor Mego and very accurately. The main difference is color. The reproduction has a little more red in it's color. It is marked DM on the inside.


The Generals have a knife (short sword really) that can also be found with some figures in the Lion Rock line. It has not been factory reproduced.


The Soldiers come with the same rifle as the General Apes, which can also be found in several Action Jackson sets. The rifle has been factory reproduced by CTVT and by EMCE Toys. The original says Mego on the stock, while the CTVT reproduction is unmarked. The EMCE version is stamped EMCE in place of the Mego stamp on the stock, so it's easy to ID. Good thing too, since it's pretty hard to spot otherwise. It's a very accurate reproduction in material and color. The tell here is the grip near the trigger. The pattern on the original is much smaller than the pattern on the EMCE version. EMCE also used black string instead of brown for the strap.