Playsets and Accessories: Catapult and Wagon

Mego Planet of the Apes Catapult and Wagon set

US Packaging for the Mego Planet of the Apes Catapult and Wagon set

In the US, the Catapult and Wagon set was sold by itself and kids had to buy the action stallion if they wanted a horse. (FYI that's a custom human in that wagon, you aren't missing a figure folks)

Mego Parkdale noelty giftset featuring the Planet of the Apes horse

Rare boxed version of the Canadian exclusive (Parkdale Novelty) Catapult, Horse and Wagon set. The box features the same artwork as the US version (sold sans the horse) but is much longer, features bilingual packaging (still the law in Canada) and a notification on how this set was made exclusively for Parkdale Novelty (and offered exclusively for Sears Canada). Cipsa sold the set as well in Mexico but the packaging is much different.

The very tough to find horse from the Planet of the Apes giftset

Horse from the Mexican/Canadian Catapult & Wagon & Horse set. (Courtesy of ABMAC) Horse's hooves have ball bearings in them so it glides.

1975 Sears catalog featuring the Exclusive Apes Horse

The Canadian Exclusive Horse, Wagon and Catapult set from the 1975 Sears Canada Catalog, for more on this check out the Mego Christmas Catalog Section of the Museum.