Playsets and Accessories: Treehouse


US Edition

Mego Corp treehouse from Planet of the apes

The Planet of the Apes Treehouse wasn't based on anything in the films but was a repackaged version of Action Jackson's Jungle Treehouse but seeing as Caesar lived in a treehouse in the previous year's "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" it made perfect sense. The treehouse was an incredible seller for Mego, in an October 1974 Playthings magazine the Treehouse was listed as "outselling comparable toys 20 to 1".

Mego Corp Treehouse from Planet of the apes

A treehouse playset all set up thanks to John. Below are the known releases of the treehouse, although it is shown in the Bullmark Japan catalog, it is widely believed it was not released in a Japanese box.

Treehouse Giftset

Mego Planet of the Apes Gift set


The Planet of the Apes Giftset included the treehouse and the first five figures in baggies, a very similiar concept to the Enterprise Gift Set. These gift sets are hard to find and are extremely popular. Photo courtesy of Mike D'Aloia.

Canadian Box

Mego corp treehouse in the Canadian box

The Parkdale Novelty (Canada) Treehouse Box (top) much like the Canadian boxed Enterprise Playset is much smaller than it's US counterpart and a harder to find variation. It's always fun to highlight the french side of the box but the other side is in english.

Cipsa Treehouse

cipsa planet of the apes treehouse

The Mexican version of the Treehouse features redesigned artwork, Urko sure looks mad. The pic is courtesy of Foreignmego, if someone has a larger pic, we'd happy to hear from you.


Treehouse came with:

House building (vinyl over cardboard) with "fold down" staircase

Work Table (vinyl over cardboard)

Capture Net

It also had a set of 3 rifles and 3 "control sticks"and a Jail Cell.