Alan Virdon Planet of teh Apes Card Art


loose mego alan verdon

Alan Verdon (item # 50900/0) ( assortment # 50902) packed 5 per case

The two humans created for the second set of Planet of the Apes figures are based very closely on the television series actors. Mego made terrific representations of James Naughton, who played Peter Burke, and Ron Harper, as Alan Virdon. One of the humans suffers to this day from a Mego "typo." The character of Alan Virdon was misspelled "Verdon" in all Mego packaging. His companion, Peter Burke , has been ribbing him about it ever since. Like all of the figures in Mego's POTA line, these characters are found on both Type 1 (metal joint) and Type 2 (plastic joint) bodies. Burke and Virdon wear identical terrycloth pants and the same brown or burgundy moccasins worn by both Cornelius and Galen. He wears a long brown cloth vest over an open terrycloth shirt.



Mego Allan Virdon and Mego Cheron share the same headsculpt

Look Familiar? Mego reused the Verdon headsculpt to produce the Cheron figure from their Star Trek Aliens line (info courtesy of Lenn Starr)


Packaging List

1st issue US card (all characters copyright of Apjac Prod and 20th Cent. Fox)

2nd issue US card ( astrerix on Ursus (black face) all other copyright of only 20th Cent. Fox)

3rd issue US card ( Ursus and Urko switch names, asterix on Ursus (helmet head))

Mailer box

US window boxed

Palitoy card (UK)

Cipsa boxed (Mexico) packaged as "Bill"

Window Boxes

Alan Verdon in an Astronaut box courtesy of Mike J. The current belief is that neither Verdon nor Burke actually came in these boxes.

Card 1

First Version Mego carded Alan Verdon courtesy of Mike J.

Card 2

Second Version Mego carded Alan Verdon courtesy of Mike J

Palitoy UK

Alan Verdon was released on a second issue Palitoy card as seen in this picture from Mike Jimenez.

Cipsa Bill

mego cipsa bill figure from planet of the apes in Mexico

Cipsa, who had the rights to the Mego Planet of the Apes line in Mexico, released a variant of Alan Verdon called Bill. Most gather that he is based on the astronaut from the short-lived Planet of the Apes animated series.

cipsa planet of the apes bill box

All Cipsa characters came in this large window less box which seems similiar to the packaging for the Gabriel Lone Ranger line.

cipsa planet of the apes bill box