Batman: Original Accessories and Known Repros
Loose Batman


All original Batman suits (whether nylon, canvas or cloth shorts verions) have shorts sewn into the jumper. Doc's factory made version is two pieces, a grey jumper, and a black pair of Robin style shorts over top. The jumper is marked DM on the inside, the shorts are unmarked.



There are a lot of high quality home make paper and cloth emblems out there, but Doc's in the only factory made version. It's a paper die cut and actually looks much cleaner than the original paper version, which tends to look like a bad print job.



Both Doc Mego and Classic TV Toys make gloves. DM gloves are textured similar to originals and marked DM on the inside cuff. CTVT's are very slick and shiny compared to the originals and are unmarked.


Standard Batman capes come in a variety of shades of blue. Doc's is the only factory made cape in town and is very accurate in design, although the color is a deeper than the average loose Batman cape. DM is printed on the inside back. Also an orignal Mego make for Batman is the vinyl variation. It's fairly uncommon and hasn't been factory reproduced.


Batman has two belt variations, translucent and opaque. Doc Mego produced the only known factory made BatBelt and it is VERY close to the original translucent version, although the tips of the "points" are a little more rounded. It is stamped DM on the back of the buckle.


There are two types of Batman boots. The early versions came with what is called the "skinny" boot which is more narrow than the later standard hero boot. Both DM and CTVT have made boots. DM's are more color accurate with thicker plastic, more round around the edges and stamped DM on the bottom. CTVT's are closer in thickness and shape, but more transparent which makes them look almost teal in color. They are unmarked.


Doc Mego's cowl is very similar to the original in color. The biggest difference is it's material. It is a little thinner, so doesn't fit as tight to the face. It is also more flexible and has a more of a matte finish. It is stamped DM on the inside top of the cowl.


There are several versions of the Bruce Wayne head out there on different figures, all original Mego. The Batman head has black eyes with white spots andy copyright information on the back of the neck. The Bruce Wayne version is the same with no copyright info. The head was also used for Tex Willer. He has black eyes with no white spots and no copyright information. Again, the head was used on the Mystery Man. This time with blue eyes and no copyright info on the neck. Finally the head sculpt was used on Jet Jungle (not pictured here)and had white hair. Both DM and CTVT made reproduction heads. Each factory made repro head is a touch different. The biggest difference is the overall shape of the head. DM's is a little wider at the top of the head than an original and made of a firmer material and is marked DM on the back of the neck. CTVT's is a little more squat, not as long as the original, and made of a softer, more squishy material. It is unmarked.