Fist Fighting Spider-Man

Released only in the UK, the Palitoy Fist Fighting Spider-Man is quite rare.

He joined Cap and Lizard as UK exclusives.

When the four additional characters for the Palitoy FF's came out, the outfits for Lizard , Spiderman, Superman, and Captain America were all uniquely modified to facilitate access to the fist-fighting button. These modifications were done with greater detail when compared to the US FF's. Note the underarm slits on the Spiderman pictured above courtesy Rob Chatlin.


Fist Fighting Superheroes Checklist
For a collector wanting to own 100% accurate FF figures the way Mego intended, it would be as follows.
  • US & UK Batman (two sets of snaps on outfit-one set is acceptable)
  • US Riddler (one or two sets of snaps on outfit-one set is acceptable)
  • US Joker (two sets of snaps, and higher slit on jacket-one set, standard slit acceptable)
  • UK Lizard (Lab coat is same as regular one, pants are altered)
  • US & UK Robin-Notch in tunic rear
  • UK Superman-Sewn Sleeves, half belt, two snaps
  • UK Spiderman-Open underarms, two snaps
  • UK Captain America-Sewn sleeves, half belt, 2 snaps