Peleadores: Lili Ledy Fist Fighters

Super Heroes Peleadores and Super Pillos Peleadores are some of the hardest to find Mego figures in the world. The Guason (Joker) has never been reported as found!

A more recent discovery is that Mexico's Lili Ledy released it's own Fist Fighting Superheroes series during the seventies. Much like Palitoy, few of the Mexican released Fist Fighters were released elsewhere. The line included Joker (Which has never been seen) Riddler Tarzan, Iron Man Green Arrow and the Falcon. Almost impossible to find loose, these figures has never surfaced packaged.

The Ledy costume accommodated the button (note most Ledy Fist Fighters are missing their buttons)

True Mexican fist fighters will have the same colored feet as their hands (!) and the suits do not change between the non-Fist Fighting versions.