Fist Fighting Super Heroes

The WGSH Fist Fighting Super Heroes line was short-lived, being featured in the 1975 and 76 Mego Product Catalogs only. The line created an interesting problem for Mego because retailers questioned why they should buy regular WGSH that didn't have the action feature. Indeed, it's a bit of a puzzle why Mego didn't extend the feature to all their WGSH figures. It may simply be that reaction from buyers was not have been positive enough to warrant it. Neal Kublan barely remembered the line in our interviews with him.

This lovely ballroom dance/fight scene introduced the Fist Fighting Super Heroes in the 1975 Mego catalog. This photo is a classic. As the catalog was prepared well in advance of production, the figures are all Type 1 bodies!

This Palitoy Catalog page shows the addition of Superman and Spiderman to the UK Fist Fighters line. Lizard and Captain America also were Fist Fighters in UK only.

Mego 1975 Catalog featuring the fist Fighting Superheroes!Mego 1976 catalog featuring the fist fighters1977 Palitoy uk Fist Fighters pageToltoys Australia Fist Fighter Page


Click on the pics to see original Mego Fist Fighter Ads and the Fist Fighter sections of every Mego Catalog!

original palitoy UK Commercials for the Mego Fist Fighting Superheroes!