Fist Fighting Superman

Inexplicably absent from the United States, Superman appeared as a Fist Fighter in England. A carded UK Fist Fighter Superman is a rare and prized item. Carded FF Superman courtesy Mego Museum Curator Brian Heiler. This example does not clearly show whether the sleeves are sewn-on or not.

Below, a detail image of the back of Superman's outfit. Note the half-belt. More costume info here.

Fist Fighting Superheroes Checklist
For a collector wanting to own 100% accurate FF figures the way Mego intended, it would be as follows.
  • US & UK Batman (two sets of snaps on outfit-one set is acceptable)
  • US Riddler (one or two sets of snaps on outfit-one set is acceptable)
  • US Joker (two sets of snaps, and higher slit on jacket-one set, standard slit acceptable)
  • UK Lizard (Lab coat is same as regular one, pants are altered)
  • US & UK Robin-Notch in tunic rear
  • UK Superman-Sewn Sleeves, half belt, two snaps
  • UK Spiderman-Open underarms, two snaps
  • UK Captain America-Sewn sleeves, half belt, 2 snaps