Lost Treasures of teh Mego Showroom

Action Jackson

AJ Adventure box unproduced mockup

Unproduced Action Jackson Adventure Set was to include Rescue Copter, Sramble Cycle, AJ chute, and, interestingly, 3 feet of cotton rope! It's interesting that they chose an illustrated box rather than photographic as seen on the Jungle House and Campmobile. This might be a stand-in for a final photo box?


The Adventure Set was promoted in the 1974 catalog, but as far as we know did not make it to retail.

1974 catalog

AJ Campmobiloe Box

Mint campmobile box is empty. It was shown in the showroom, but it's unknown if it ever contained a campmobile or was simply a display item.

AJ JUnglehouse Box

Junglehouse box, also empty.



The collection included a number of Dinah-Mite product samples, but none more exciting than this pre-press mock-up box for Dinah-Mite's Bike. Much different from the final package (inset) the faded colors and black and white photos indicate this may be a work proof.

WGSH Bend N Flex

Bendies Like everything in this find, these Bend N Flex figures were the original samples used to entice buyers to purchase the line. It would be hard to find nicer examples of these...

Super-Foes Counter Display

Super Foes The Super Foes were a new release in 1974, this crisp example of the original display box holds the first four boxed examples from the line. Note how the Riddler is posed inside the box.

Super Gals Counter Display

Super GalsThe Super Gals were also a new release in 1974 as evidenced by this wonderful display box and the first four production samples of the silk screened gals.

loose gals

In addition to the boxed examples, these 4 loose Super Gals were also saved by the Mego employee. They have no accessories (gloives, boots, Batgirl cowl). Were they simply misplaced or are these the earliest factory production samples before any accessories had been tooled?

Mad Monsters Display Box

Monsters The rarely seen Mad Monsters display box highlights the Gray Morrow artwork and promotes the line as flying under the "World's Greatest Superheroes" flag.
flat frankdracThis find provides confirmation that the earliest versions of Frankenstein and Dracula--these are the actual samples shown at Toy Fair when the line debuted---were flat-top Frankenstein and smooth-haired Dracula with black hair paint.

American West Display Box

WesternWest box Mego was expanding the 8" universe in 1974 with the American West, this beautiful display box featured more of the terrific Gray Morrow Artwork.


TapasnappaTap A Snappers are not discussed much, they were only released in 1974. Mego made TV commercials for these featuring Marty Abram's son Ken.

Planet of the Apes

Zira Card

Perhaps the most astounding piece in the find is this prototype Zira card from the Planet of the Apes. Designed by the collection's original owner, it's dull muave color was blunty panned by Mego chief Martin Abrams and changed to the final vibrant pink. The packaging date reads "1973 Apjac productions" something that was changed to the correct 1967 date when the figures went into production.

Zira Card BAcks

The muave mock-up has no backing artwork.

Zira Head

It's interesting to note that this prototype lacks the paint detail in the eyes that the production pieces had.

Zira Buble

Note the hand-cut bubble glued to the card extends crudely past the card edge.

POTA CardsMint factory samples of POTA cards displayed at the Mego Showroom.

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The Mego Planet of the Apes Carded samples from the 1974 catalog