Re-Mego: CastAway Toys Bio

CastAway toys is the brain child of long time Megomuseum members David Lee and Jason Schiermeyer who first brought collectors the "Superclam" case which not only made it easy to store vintage figures but also easily create your own custom packaging.

After experimenting with reviving the Paco line of cowboys, CastAway soon developed their own 8" body which was different from the Mego style..

The CastAway aesthetic is to add a great deal of realism and detail into their products, these are items with the adult collector in mind but they're also meant to be super posable and fun! .


After producing fun items such as a line of Monsters, low in the Dark Pirates and the aforementioned Cowboys, CastAway took on the AC Comics Golden Age Superheroes The FIghting Yank and the Black Terror.

The duo moved from the Golden Age to the Silver Age with their Captain Action line, based on the classic Ideal Toys Character along with villain Dr. Eville much to the delight of fans.

Their next licence, Lee Falk's The Phantom and his villain Achmed was also well appreciated worldwide by Mego collectors, the Phantom had multiple outfits available as well.

In 2009, Bif Bang Pow! and CastAway showcased an 8" figure based on the 1980 film "Flash Gordon", no word yet if this will be released but a collective community of fans is keeping it's fingers crossed.


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