Re-Mego: CTVT Toys Bio

Founded in 2004 in Rhode Island, Classic TV Toys sought to bring 8" Mego figures back to the collectors with several lines based on, Classic Television and toys

This bold new venture would be sold online and through the Diamond Catalog, elimenating larger retailers.

Production for the figures was done in India, as opposed to China. Which made for mixed quality with some of their products, some lines came out excellent while others had glaring design flaws and broke easily

Mego Reissues

CTVT set off a great deal of dialogue within the Mego community when they set to factory reproduce Mego lines such as The Mad Monsters, Space:1999, Robin Hood, American West, Super Pirates and the Super Knights

Line Extensions

After the initial waves, CTVT expanded on Space:1999 (sans the series leads Martin Landau and Barbra Bain for copyright reasons), Happy Days and Mad Monsters.

Additonal Licenses.

CTVT tended to focus on Sitcom based figures and released lines based on Married with Children, I Love Lucy, The Munsters and the Brady Bunch. They are still in business but have not listed a new license in some time. <


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