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BifBangPow! in conjunction with EMCE toys released an 8" version of the characters from the hit ABC show "Lost". If you like Lost and Mego figures, then you really must visit our sister Blog The Island of Lost Mego created by Mego Museum founder Scott C Adams!

Ben Linus

Ben Linus was shown at toyfair 2010

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Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Popular character Hugo "Hurley" Reyes will be in the first wave of figures.

Order Lost 8-Inch Hurley from Entertainment Earth!

Jacob will be part of a second wave, image coming soon


BKate wasn't ready for Toy Fair but she will come with Ben Linus.

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Another important character John Locke will be in the first wave.

Order Lost 8-Inch John Locke from Entertainment Earth!
Man In Black

The mysterious Man in Black will be part of the second wave.