Word has it from Neal Kublan that the Spider Car was Stan Lee's idea, Kublan rejected it. As he recalled, "when you tell Stan Lee you don't want to make a Spider Car, he takes it personally."

Lucky for us Mego relented and the Spider Car sold quite well, Marvel gave it a cameo in the comics (and mentioned Peter Parker couldn't drive) and history is born.

Thanks to the folks at susamy.com for the nice photos of the loose car! Box photos are courtesy of me.

Mark Schmidt sent in these shots of a rare Parkdale Novelty Canadian edition of the Spider Car. While there have been reported sighting of a US version with a Parkdale sticker, this is the first bi lingual box reported.

"Avec Toile Araignee Spidey" just doesn't sound the same....

Parkdale Novelty never put a logo on Mego toys, merely their name...