Bend N Flex WGSH

Bend n’ Flex Heroes were a nice compliment to the 8 inch WGSH. Cheap and colorful, they are charming in their cartoony clumsiness.These three images are from the 1975 Mego Catalog showing the SuperGal bendies and the very creative and fun Super-Foes. This medium did allow for some imagination in design and variety in shape and scale.

Mego also made Planet of the Apes Bend N Flex figures.

The 1974 Mego Catalog advertised a carrying case for Bend N Flex figures but it was not produced.

The scans below of real life Bendies provided by Scott Arendson.

A comparison of the Mego Bend N Flex Cards

Carded Bend and Flexes provided by Brian and Scott Arendsen.

While cute to find loose, the BnF take on new meaning when found carded. Their packaging styles closely ape the cards at the time but come off even more visually striking than the 8″ packaging. The Above chart shows that the Bend N Flex Heroes (strictly the men here) actually had three different kinds of packaging meaning they were part of the first wave. The gals and the baddies followed later and by that time Mego had settled for the “short card”.

Other than the 8″ figure, this is the only other Mego Tarzan figure. Mego had let the license expire by the time they were doing the Comic
Action Heroes


Captain America and Spiderman also came on early cards that mingled their artwork with the DC Heroes, it is difficult to find like all carded
Marvels. Above is the long and short carded Cap.

The Supergals are of course, the toughest in this line.

Supergirl is an absolute gem in this line.

Mego Bend N Flex Penguin MOC

Mego Bend N Flex Penguin MOC


Mego Bend n Flex

Mego Bend N Flex Mr Myxlptlik

Bendy Myx and Penguin command more respect than their 8″ counterparts, must be the corrected scale.

Mego Bend N Flex Ridder MOC

Mego Bend N Flex Ridder MOC

The Riddler is by and large, the hardest character in the series to find MOC.




Mego Joker Bendy

Mego Joker Bend N Flex MOC

Mego added the cane for the Bend N Flex figure, so he looks exactly like his Carmine Infantino source art.


Austalian rerelease of the Mego Batman Bend N Flex Figure



Australian Reissue of the Mego Batman Bendy showed up in stores in time for the release of the first Batman movie.