Kenbrite Muhammad Ali in box

KenBrite Mego Muhammad Ali

KenBrite Mego Muhammad Ali Thanks to our friend Tony from the Analog Toys Channel, we have a shot of the very rare Mego Muhammad Ali in the Australian Kenbrite box. This is the first one we’ve seen!     #toyventures…

Dinah Mite Gallery Updates

Thanks to Super Collector Vinnie Cerbone, we have new photos of Dinah Mite’s MANY outfits. Watch this page for updates, or visit the Dinah Gallery to explore this wonderful line from Mego.        Related Images:

Comic Action Activator

It’s not everyday you see a new vintage Mego item, let alone a Mego Superhero item that you thought didn’t exist but today, we’ve got that going on. In 1977, Mego’s second year of the Comic Action Heroes, they began…