The New Avengers

New Avengers
was a 1977 follow up to the wildly successful
60’s Television series simply titled "The Avengers".

Back for more action was Patrick
as debonair secret agent John
in this new series he was joined by the lovely
Purdy (Joanna Lumley) and
Mike Gambit (Gareth Hunt).
The series is mostly and unfairly maligned as not living up
to the high kicking days of Mrs.
but still produced some memorable episodes until
they decided to film the second season in Toronto (the less
said, the better)

British toy distributor Denys Fisher,
working with Mego, had planned to release a series of 12"
Action dolls based on the series. The dolls were to have an
"action" karate-type feature. For whatever reason
(poor response to the show, lukewarm interest from retailers),
the plug was pulled on the line save for the 12" Purdy fashion
doll (below) and her outfits, plus a Denys Fisher board game.

However, evidence has come to light that a Steed figure may
indeed have been produced….

UPDATE! The Museum received this email from a South African collector that adds more weight to the theory. Martin writes in and says " I had these new avengers action men when i was a kid ,i had the gambit dressed in a karate suit,my brother had
steed in a suit and a bowler hat with umbrella and my little sister had the purdy"
This was sent in to us before this Gallery was launched so it does indeed seem to tell that these figures were produced for South African consumption.


The Bowler Hat

A few years ago, collector John
received a letter from a South African die cast collector
who informed John that the New Avengers figures not only existed
but that he had them as a child.

To prove his point, the collector sent John the only thing left
from his Steed doll, the trademark Bowler


The hat, modeled here by an old Fighting Yank doll (oh, the irony…),
is a tantalizing mystery item that one day may lead us to the unseen
action figure. With the recent South African discovery of
Mego Jet Jungle
it seems that now more than ever there are some
missing pieces to the Mego puzzle yet to be found….

Thanks to John Bonavita for sharing this amazing artifact!

This Denys Fisher catalog page
that showcases the unproduced Steed and Gambit figures.

The Denys Fisher Purdy Doll was
the only figure released in the UK for the New Avengers

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