Action Jackson Figures

Figures came bearded or shaven, Black AJ was unbearded. Easily
the rarest of the three varieties. See HEADS for variety of
hair color. They came in a variety of jumpsuits, from a thin
baby blue, to cotton navy blue. The AJ below came in a mailer
AJ Campmobile.

AJ was released on Type 1 and Type 2 bodies. As far as we
know, AJ was the only T1 Mego with both plastic pins and the
more familiar metal rivets.

Rarest of all is AMIGO. This
Montgomery Ward’s Exclusive from 1974 sold for 99 cents as
oppossed to 1.52 for AJ. Rubber arms, straight legs (often
with two right feet), red jumpsuit.

Amigo in his mailer box,
the only known packaging for him.

You will find a number of shades of hair color with AJ. Black hair, a variety of browns, as well as distinct red to dirty yellow. Some lighter, some darker…don’t get too excited. Red is probably more unusual.

This is a particularily nicely painted example of an AJ head. Note the crude sculpting marks on the neck.

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