Dinah-Mite Figures

There were three different Dinah Mite dolls. Regular Dinah is terrifically common, Black Dinah
is fairly rare, and Health Spa Dinah is quite rare. 

Dinahs came with white elastic belts and plastic
“peace” belts (susceptible to purple color bleeding).
The purple jumpsuits also came in knit and nylon fabric. It is unknown
whether belt-types correspond to suit-types.

A close up look at the Health Spa Dinah-Mite, exclusive to the Health Spa playset

HSD wears a black unitard that is unique to the character. She was used a Guenevere prootype in the Knights series.

From Vincent Cerbone’s Collection, as assortment of Dinah Mites in outfits. The Skydiver is a rare redheaded Dinah.


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