Glinda The Good Witch

Glinda, the Good Witch (Item No. 51500/5)

Glinda, the Good Witch

Glinda, the Good Witch (Item No. 51500/5): The fifth in the line of Wizard of Oz figures, this item recreates the character of Glinda, the Good Witch (Billie Burke) from the film.  Glinda comes on a standard female Mego body (jointed knees and elbows) cast in pink flesh.  Her outfit is comprised of an ornate pink lace dress with a gold, vac-metallized heart sewn to the chest.  A pair of pink slippers and a tall, gold, vac-metallized crown complete the ensemble.  Her only accessory is her magic wand, which is vac-metallized in gold.

Package Variants: Like all of the other first series figures (except the Wizard), Glinda is available in both the “plain green” and “yellow brick road” boxes.  She was also available in a plastic header-carded baggie for clearance purposes (a rare end-run variant), as well as being included in the ultra-rare Emerald City Gift Set (along with the other six figures from series one).

Figure Variants: Glinda’s pelvis piece comes in two different colors.  The first style is cast in pink flesh plastic (to match the rest of her body).  The second style is cast in white plastic, no doubt to give the impression of underpants (much like the black and blue pelvic pieces found on most Type 2 male Mego  bodies).  One wonders why Mego didn’t just use the same underwear already available for Isis and Dorothy instead of molding the pelvis in a new color.  (In fact, there are rumors that Glindas have been found with white panties, but until I see at least one pantied specimen mint-in-box, I am neither willing nor able to confirm this rumor.)  The second “white-pelvis” style of body is infinitely rarer than the first “all-pink” body.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Glinda’s shoes are the same style as Dorothy’s shoes (only in pink instead of red).  Also, Glinda and Dorothy share the same female body, cast in the same pink flesh.

Caution Collectors: As with all vac-metallized plastic, Glinda’s heart, crown and wand are susceptible to flaking and fading/tarnishing, so keep any handling down to a bare minimum.  Also, Glinda’s crown has a pin molded inside the center for mounting into her head, so (as any Thor owner will tell you) you’ve got to be extremely gentle when removing or replacing the crown.

Glinda Box Variant One ("Plain Green")
Glinda Box Insert
Glinda Box Variant Two ("Yellow Brick Road")

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Glinda, the Good Witch, mint-in-box
Glinda, the Good Witch, mint-in-box

Above is an example of a mint-in-box Glinda in a “plain green” box (left), and a mint-in-box Glinda in a “yellow brick road” box (right).

Catalog Box for Glinda, the Good Witch

Above is an example of a catalog mailer box for the Glinda figure.

Glinda: Original Accessories and Known Repros

Loose Glinda



Glinda has a heart pendant sewn onto the front of her dress.




Glinda wears pink shoes that are made from the same mold as Dorothy’s red shoes, although this pink version is unique to the character. These shoes have been factory reproduced by Classic TV Toys. The reproductions are a lighter pink and a firmer plastic with more flashing evident. The reproduction shoes do not hold their color well. They tend to turn to white, even closed away in storage. The reproductions are unmarked.




How do you tell a good witch from a bad witch? A bad witch has to wear a pointy hat, while a good witch get’s to wear a gold crown. Our good witch Glinda has one of those gold crowns, proving she is indeed good. The crown has a pin in the inside center that secures it to the head. This crown has not been factory reproduced.




Glinda carries a wand with a star on the end. This wand has not been factory reproduced.