Space 1999: Paul Morrow

Paul Morrow was Moonbase Alphas’ beefy second in command. The Mego figure is a dead-on likeness of the actor

and Paul is probably the second hardest figure to get. For some reason, Paul Morrow did not appear in the second season and it was explained he had died somewhere in between the seasons.<.

Mego Palitoy Paul Morrow Space:1999 MOC

Mego Palitoy Paul Morrow Space:1999 MOC

Prentis Hancock has appeared in various TV shows and movies, of note are “Doctor Who” and the film the “Monster Club” with John Carradine. His

likeable portrayal of Paul was missed during the second season of this Gerry Anderson production.

Paul Morrow: Original Accessories and Known Reproductions

Loose Paul Morrow



The white bell bottom pants that are unique to the 1999 crew members, has been factory reproduced by Classic TV Toys. The material on the reproductions is a bit more slick. The waist band is folded over the elastic and hemmed, while the originals are not folded over the elastic. The repro’s are a bit shorter and the piping on them has a texture, while the original piping has none. The reproductions are unmarked.




Morrow’s shirt has been factory reproduced by Classic TV Toys. The material on the reproduction is a bit more slick, is shorter at the waist, and kind of baggy around the chest and armpits. Like the pants, Morrow’s shirt features piping on one side (see above). CTVT neglected to add the wide collar around the neck that the original features and the red arm color is darker on the repro. It is unmarked.





Comlocks have also been reproduced by CTVT and can be difficult to spot until you know the telltale signs. The repro’s are unmarked, and can be difficult to identify. The first thing to look for are comlocks cast opposite an original. Many were cast like a mirror image of an original, with detail and indents on the opposite side. This doesn’t apply to all since many were made orientated properly. Another clue is the button size. The CTVT buttons are larger than the original. There is also a line that goes across the top of an orginal separating the main body of the comlock from the top part. That line is missing on the reproductions. The final clue can be spotted on the clip. The ball shape on the end of the belt clip is much bigger on the reproduction.




The 1999 crew belts have been factory reproduced by CTVT and are unmarked. These are almost exact reproductions in all aspects. Very hard to spot. The reproductions tend to be just a little more glossy and a little brighter yellow.




Morrow’s head has been factory reproduced by Classic TV Toys. The reproduciton is a softer material and is smaller than an original. The eyebrows are painted with a less severe look, and the mustache isn’t painted as long. The repro head is unmarked.