Coy and Vance Duke

Coy Duke figures were produced when John Schneider left the seriesWhen John Schneider and Tom Wopat abruptly left the show over a merchandising dispute (which Mego was obviously a part of), the network scrambled by having their cousins Coy and Vance replace them. Coy was played by then well-known actor Byron Cherry (insert sarcastic tone), while Christopher Mayer who was just as famous, played Vance. Mego also responded by designing new head-sculpts for both characters. New heads were sculpted, but the outfits and packaging remained the same. Since Coy and Vance came on Bo and Luke cards, no unique item numbers were assigned for the figures. Vance figures were produced to fill the gap for Luke Duke           

          Vance headsculpt

In addition to the 8" figures, Mego also produced 3-3/4" Coy and Vance figures. No "changes" were made with the only difference being the chest portions of the shirts for Bo and Luke were swapped. A 3-3/4" Coy had blond hair, wore a blue shirt, with blue pants. A 3-3/4" Vance had brown hair, wore a tan shirt with blue pants. The 3-3/4" Coy and Vance are much rarer than the 8" versions and just about non-existent. 

Coy headsculpt

Mego never bothered to print new cards reflecting their names so Coy was packaged in Bo's card and Vance was packaged in Luke's card. This makes it somewhat difficult to identify a carded Coy and Vance without a decent picture. It also can help in snagging a carded Coy or Vance for a bargain.
  Coy came on a Bo Card.   Vance came on a Luke Card.

It is also interesting that unlike the 8" figures, Mego decided to sticker the blister cards for the 3-3/4" Coy and Vance to reflect the proper names. A small sticker bearing the Coy or Vance name was placed over the existing name. The sticker had a blue background to match the card color and the white text reflecting the figure's name.   

Both but can still be found. Luke and 8" figures were produced in much smaller quantities and are much more difficult to find compared to Bo and Luke, Bo worked out whatever monetary issues they had and quickly came back to the show. Coy and Vance were gone as quick as they came. It would make sense that both were packed at the same ratio within a case, but for some reason Vance is much more difficult to find than Coy.
With Coy and Vance's fast entrance and exit, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact timing. There are a few things that can generalize the timing based on relative changes. Coy and Vance only came packaged on 1981 cards. Coy and Vance should only appear wearing the short sleeve shirts since they were introduced after the long sleeve shirts with pocket were phased out.           

Coy MOC with metal snaps

  No Coy and Vance figures have been confirmed with gray heads, so they were most likely introduced after the particular resin that discolored to a "gray" color was used. A gray Coy and Vance head if confirmed, would be very rare, but not the rare you want. Maybe someone will now concoct a method for turning heads gray?    Coy and Vance can be found with metal and plastic snaps on their shirts and pants. Evidence suggests that the transition from metal to plastic snaps for the Dukes was not absolute and it is very possible that metal snaps were used after plastic snaps were already introduced. The majority of Coy and Vance figures will contain plastic snaps, but Coy and Vance with metal snaps do exist and are much more difficult to find. Pictured is a carded Coy with metal snaps.
      This may sound like a tongue twister, but here is why components were most likely not completely exhausted before their replacement was used. A Bo Duke can be found on a 1980 card with short sleeves and plastic snaps. A Coy Duke can be found on a 1981 card with short sleeves and metal snaps. If metal snaps preceded plastic snaps and 1980 cards preceded 1981 cards, something had to be re-introduced in order to have both combinations listed above.


Confused yet? The bottom line is, aside from the long sleeve shirts and baggy Luke pants, all the variations found on Bo and Luke figures can also be found on Coy and Vance figures  The Coy and Vance figures are unique in the fact that they were two temporary additions to the 8" Dukes of Hazzard line. With no Coy and Vance item numbers, no packages reflecting their name, and no appearance in the retail catalogs, it almost seems like they never really existed. Coy and Vance are the scarcest and most limited from a production quantity standpoint. Coy is much easier to find, but Vance is probably the toughest figure of all the 8" Dukes figures to find loose and carded.