Daisy Duke
Daisy Duke was the third 8" Dukes of Hazzard figure and was released initially wearing a green shirt and her infamous "Daisy Duke" blue denim shorts. She also came wearing white sandals. Daisy was only issued on the later style female body with unjointed wrists, elbows, and knees and was never produced with the 1st version female body containing jointed writs, elbows, and knees   
original daisy duke card Daisy's green shirt and blue shorts quickly changed to a blue shirt with white shorts. How could Mego get rid of the blue denim Daisy Duke shorts in favor of the white shorts? The photo of Daisy on the back of the card did have the blue shirt and white shorts, so maybe they wanted the figure to match what was pictured on the card. The majority of Daisy outfits contain the later blue shirt/white shorts. Finding a loose or carded Daisy with the initial green shirt and blue shorts can be done, but is not easy. Daisy with a green shirt/blue shorts will command higher prices when one becomes available for sale.                     The green shirt and blue shorts initially contained metal snaps similar to the other initial outfits for Bo, Luke, and Boss Hogg. It has not been confirmed, but most likely all green shirts and blue shorts contained metal snaps. Until a blue shirt with white shorts Daisy Duke is confirmed with metal snaps, this can not be stated as fact. Check your Daisy Dukes (I meant the figures) to see if your blue shirt or white shorts have metal snaps, notify the Museum immediately!.
        Daisy's sandals.  Daisy Duke came with white plastic sandals that were unfortunately very easy to lose. The very thin strap around the ankle made the sandals very fragile and prone to breaking. The majority of loose Daisy Dukes will not have sandals so the easiest route of getting them may be freeing a Daisy from a worn card.

Daisy's head sculpt pales in comparison to the other characters within the 8" line. Bo, Luke, and Boss Hogg were all exquisite sculpts while Daisy hardly resembled Catherine Bach and seemed a bit too large for her body. Through fantastic detective work by James Brady, the reason for this lackluster sculpt was uncovered. Daisy's head sculpt was simply a shrunken down version of the 12" Wonder Woman Nubia sculpt. Read the amazing thread below to see how this unfolded and was solved.

The true origin of Daisy Duke      

the Daisy Duke head was a reused Ken Sheller Sculpt from the Wonder Woman linethe Daisy Duke head was a reused Ken Sheller Sculpt from the Wonder Woman line

Daisy's head can exhibit some discoloration, but different than the graying frequently seen on Luke and Bo. Some Daisy heads can be very pale or yellowish in color. This could be a chemical reaction, but whatever the reason, is very unpleasant to look at.

  Daisy is more commonly found in these white shorts Daisy Duke comes packaged with a clear plastic band around her head to hold her hair in place. Once that plastic band came off, look out! That big head, with her very long hair creates a recipe for disaster. Some Daisy Dukes look as if she stuck a fork in an electrical socket not once, but twice. There is something to be said for a Daisy Duke with neat hair or even the plastic band still around her head.     
 Daisy is more commonly found in these white shortsDaisy came packaged on a 1980 and 1981 card. The green shirt and blue shorts figures only appear on the 1980 card. The blue shirt and white shorts figures can come on a 1980 or 1981 card. A Daisy with the blue shirt/white shorts is very difficult to find on the 1980 card. Carded Daisy Dukes consistently command the highest values of any Dukes character with the exception of Vance. Daisy Duke was the very last 8" female character that Mego ever produced. Most of the time, the Daisy Duke figure looks stiff and big headed, but when properly positioned, the figure can look decent. Who wouldn't want a mini-Daisy Duke to play with? .  The "Mego Dukes of Hazzard" Gallery would not have been possible without the fantastic contributions and assistance of Tom.