Friday, March 31, 2006

Another Foreign Carded Piece Found!

A very cool little find today, to my knowledge the first sighting of Super Eroi Tascabili Superman card. Now if Spider-man and Hulk would only show their faces.

Random Babble

Folks are discussing Who is 100% going to MegoMeet? What a good group thus far!

I'm shamelessly plugging
My carded WGSH auctions in Auction buzz. I need the money to buy more toys! Won't you please help? ;)

The Comic Book Forum seems aghast at the
Return of Rob Liefeld to the comic World.

Alot of folks in General Buzz seem very pleased with the announcement that
This 60's Spy Series may be hitting DVD.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

DiCaprio Auction Results

We've posted The Results to the Leonardo DiCaprio Mego Auctions from Morphy's on the Mego Museum Boards.

Some real surprises for me, no big surprise however was my complete failure to get anything. Online Auctions BAH! In my day, you had to call around to dealer ads in toyshop and be disappointed for hours and hours.......wait, that was much worse. Nevermind!

Congrats to Hump Day Contest Winners!

I'm pleased to announce the winners of the first ever Hump Day contest:

1st Prize Megosteve
2nd Prize Zemo
3rd Prize Type1Kirk

Thanks to everyone for playing along and we'll be announcing another contest shortly.

Some topics of note:

Folks are still keeping the Mego Collectors Map alive and well. Are you on it?

A poster asks What are the most VOLATILE Megos? - Price-wise, that is

Somebody made a really fun custom based on one hell of an obscure B movie in Custom Mego.

We're discussing the new Mego like DC Direct figures in general buzz.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Updates to the American West Section

We've added some very cool pics of the Mego German Two packs to the American West Section.

Today it's a
Davey Crockett and Cochise Two Pack.

More foreign items to come in this week, so stay tuned.

Also be sure to enter in the
Hump Day Contest tonight is the drawing.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Mego Community Chatter

Some neat stuff from our forums:

A poster asks Do you prefer boxed or Carded Megos?

Still two days left to enter The Megomuseum Hump Day Contest and get in on some of the great prizes.

Folks are discussing who is going to this year's Mego Meet Convention pre registration attendance has already topped last year and looks to be a steller event. You should go.

There are two MIB Mego Dr Kromedomes on ebay right now

A few laughs to be found with this photo of Mego Spidey and Hulk

Remember to check the new Custom Mego Blog for weekly updates and information

New Museum updates starting tomorrow!

Friday, March 24, 2006

The New Face of Custom Mego

The New Look of Custom mego

I'm very pleased to announce the new Custom Mego Page a new interactive environment created by Scott and maintained by Dave Mc and Derek (Flynne). The new change allows for Custom Mego to be a totally interactive environment to share hint,s tips and show off the goods! Book mark and check often!

More Junk From the Boards

A poster asks How do you make the most Megoish Green Lantern?

A new Dukes of Hazzard book has come out with Megomuseum participation, check it out.

A poster wants to start Mego Fantasy Baseball

Megolike features a discussion of the AHI Creature from the Black Lagoon recently on Ebay

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Mego Museum Hump Day Contest

We're having a raffle for some cool Mego related prizes including Twisted Toyfare Theatre books, Megomuseum trading cards and Posters among other things. Check out the Hump Day Contest thread on the mego message board.

This contest is only open to Megomuseum forum members.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Topics of interest from the Megomuseum Forums

Somebody asked Bangles or Go-go's? in general buzz.

Dave Mc finished up two custom Mego villains Brainiac and Electro in custom Mego.

Also in custom mego are some impressive characters from Cyber-Force

We have a Mego Meet Update in Mego Buzz.

In Auction Watch, we have information on a Bidder you should avoid.

Have you heard about the first ever MEGO MUSEUM HUMP DAY contest? With prizes from Wizard entertainment, CTVT, Cast-away and Megomuseum itself, you should check it out. It's only open to board members so join today.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mego Meet 2006 Reminder

It's less than two months until Mego Meet 2006, the official convention for the MegoMuseum and it wouldn't be a party without you!

Official Registration forms can be found at the official site

Want to know more of what a Mego convention is like, you can check out some priro events, the first being
megocon and last year's wingding Megomeet 2005

Updates for a Monday

A kind of depressing read from the ad archive today, truly signalling the end of Mego. Not our favorite kind of thing to post up frankly but it's a part of history.

Some neat subjects on our message boards:

Joe asks Do you ever feel like a slave to your collection?

Rob gives a report (with pictures!) of Wizard World Los Angeles

Dave McCormick explores the "What if Mego made Star Wars" question further with his amazing rendition of a Tusken Raider

and finally Kevin met Batmobile creator George Barris and got him to autograph some Megomuseum trading cards, which he gave out on the boards, read all about it in George Barris now has MegoMuseum Trading Cards

Friday, March 17, 2006

Another New Card!

Scott's revealed another Mego Museum Trading Card on the Mego Message Board, I wonder what hero we'd unveil on St Patrick's Day, hmmmmmmmm. Check it out on the Mego Forums.

Some More Interesting Topics from our message boards:

Customs: Check out George's Duke's of Hazzard Roscoe P Coltrane and Albert's way cool Clay Face

General Buzz Mike asks What Tv Commercials Rub you the wrong way?

Auction Watch We're all chatting about the Mego Carded Lizard and Kresge Carded Aquaman on Ebay right now.

Comic Book Guy Forum The guys are weighing in on Robin's New Costume and Atlas Comics

More Next Week, see you at the Museum!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sneak Peak at the Newest Trading Card!

Scott has given us a Sneak Peak at the newest Megomuseum Trading card at the Museum Forums , I think many folks might be surprised at who is next.

Stay Tuned tomorrow for more Card reveals!

Some other interesting Message Board items

Charlie gets to touch a Carded WonderWoman

Mego Meet 2006 is coming up. If you're into Mego, you should go! It's the only Mego Convention in the World!

These Cool Shots of Mike's Palitoy Planet of the Apes Collection are drool worthy!

In General Buzz, Bill asks which is better? Firefly or Space Above and Beyond? while other folks are pretty durn excited about this Superhero series getting put on DVD

Thanks for reading! See you at the Museum. I work in the cafeteria, come say hi!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ad Archive Update! Licensing 1982

Another one for the month of updates is this rare 1982
Article on Licensing in the toy industry
that gives an interesting perspective on Mego.

Article relating to Mego's Downfall

This week Brian is focusing on Mego's troubles in the 1980's with a couple of articles that couldn't be farther than the jubilent toyfair pieces of the 1970's.

Today, we find the struggling Mego hooking up with PAC Packaging, something we've explored on the Museum before.