Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Mego Museum Bruce Wayne Trading Card

Today's new Mego Trading Card is really big news, it's the Removable Cowl Batman Bruce Wayne Card click to see it.

We're unveiling this card and many others at Mego meet this weekend, if you're within driving distance of the Toy and Train Museum in Wheeling WV, we hope you'll come see the only Mego Convention in the country, other vintage toys will be there in our dealers area as well.
Don't forget our Mego Raffle is only open for one more day, this is your last chance to get in on a carded Andorian and Human Torch before the non attendance items close.
Check out the amazing Carded Aquaman on Ebay.

Also, check out this SWEET custom Star Wars Bossk on the Custom Mego Boards.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Whollaping Websnappers! The New Megomuseum Trading Card is

We're counting down to the final Mego Museum Superhero trading cards but we're ending with a real BANG, the Secret Identities but with a side bonus, you'll just have to see for yourself.

Only two days left for the Mego Meet Raffle, tickets are $5 and the prizes include a carded Andorian and Human Torch plus much more. Check it out here.

The Mego Meet Schedule is on the Museum boards for review. Please note that Ben Holcombe will be giving a sneak peek of his new book World's Greatest Toys that won't be available again until the book comes out.

Ebay seller Tracey was kind enough to share pics of her carded Aquaman that will soon be hitting EBay, one day he shall be mine!

Board Member Kresge1 is selling his amazing Solid Boxed Superman as well, drool!

Cool toy, Rob and Anthony posted some pics of the rarely spoken about Hal Needham stunt playset.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Mego Meet Links of Interest

4 days to the world's greatest Mego Convention!

Mego Meet is begins this weekend, here is some information for those attending or thinking of attending. The Newly revised Schedule is available here. Also, we're having our first Mego Meet Raffle with incredible prizes. There is an exclusive Mego Jet Jungle Figure a Customs contest and an exclusive trading card on top of being the place where we hand out the 5th series of trading cards. Hope to see you at Megomeet.

Mego Meet Info and Classic Star Trek Commercial

New Megomuseum commercial thanks to Dave McCormick, today it's classic Star Trek.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

RIP Alex Toth : A comics Legend Passes

Comics legend Alex Toth passed away this weekend, Mr Toth's impact on the Mego generation is lefendary, he designed dozens of cartoons for Hanna Barbera including Space Ghost and the Super friends.

Here is some Mr Toth's artwork that appeared on a Mego World's Greatest Superheroes box, the Green Arrow.

We'll miss you Alex.....

Discuss this here.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Four New Mego Cards for a Long Weekend

It's only fitting that we unveil our new Mego Museum Teen Titans trading cards on a long weekend. Really cool, hope you enjoy.

One week until MegoMeet.

If you're sitting on the fence, here are some Reasons to attend:

Custom Contest:

This year, the Custom Figure Contest will have three categories, with one winner in each:

Comic Books and Cartoons - Heroes, Villains, and Supporting Characters
Live-action Media - Movies, Television, and Real People
Fantasy - Original Characters, Legend, and Literature

To enter, you must either submit your custom in person, or have representative there who is responsible for the submission, as well as any prizes won. Information on where to submit your custom work for judging will be available in the MegoMeet Dealer’s Area
Winners will be announced just before the CustoMego Q&A Session at 2:45 PM
World's Greatest Toys

Benjamin “Imp”Holcombe, the author of the forthcoming collector’s book “World’s Greatest Toys: Mego 8” Super-Heroes” will hold a Question & Answer session at 11:30AM. Mr. Holcombe has also graciously offered to showcase at MegoMeet 2006 some of the layouts that will be featured in his upcoming work, and we encourage everyone to come see this piece of Mego History in the making.

Trading Card Raffle

Do you collect and trade the free Mego Musuem Trading Cards? Well now there is a great way to not only help sponsor the creation of these cards, and also win fabulous prizes at the same time. The first ever Mego Museum Trading Card Raffle will be held this year at MegoMeet 2006! Prizes include a Mint on Card Star Trek Andorian, CTVT Pirates, a Gift Certificate, CTVT figures, an uncut sheet of Wave 5 of the Mego Museum Collector Card series, & much more! Be sure to get your $5 tickets from Brian ‘Palitoy’ Heiler here in the MegoMeet Dealers Room!

Exclusive Jet Jungle Figure

Last year the Mego Community was stunned by a newly discovered MIB Mego World’s Greatest Super Heroes figure out of South Africa: Jet Jungle – The Fittest Man in the World! Previously unknown to collectors, the knowledge of this figure soon spread so that within mere days other loose Jet Jungle figures were identified. For more info on Jet Jungle, his history, and his sponsor “Jungle Oats”, see J.J.’s page in the WGSH section of the Mego Museum.
Created as an exclusive reproduction for MegoMeet 2006 by Museum members Chris “ChrisDVM” Johnson, Mike “mego73” Rogers, and Jess “MegomanJess” Cameron, this figure is made with of a blend of vintage and reproduction parts, and will be available for purchase in the MegoMeet Dealer’s Area. This figure is available only at MegoMeet 2006. Quantities are extremely limited, so make sure you pick yours up before they’re all gone!

Exclusive Jet Jungle Card

Earlier this year, the Mego Museum folks created two cards of vintage Mego figures as a free promotional item to raise awareness of the Museum, and Mego collecting in general. No one realized the incredible response that these cards would generate, and thus was a series of cards born.
Created exclusively for MegoMeet 2006 by the fine folks at the Mego Museum is this card features one of the most recent and spectacular discoveries in all of Mego Collecting: Jet Jungle! This card is #38 in the Mego Museum Collector’s Card series, and best of all: It’s absolutely free! Be sure to pick one up in the MegoMeet Dealer’s area.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Another Mego Museum Trading Card

Yet another very cool reveal of Megomuseum trading cards, today it's The Penguin the last villain in the WGSH. Stay tuned each and every day until Megomeet, when we reveal the last Mego card of Wave 5.

The Mego Meet Raffle is in full swing with a ton of great prizes, the odds are really good that you could win a MOC mego, check it out.

The Megomuseum is mentioned in this cool "Dukes of Hazzard" book

Folks are drooling over this Kresge Carded Riddler including yours truly!

There is a trailer out on the Ghost Rider Movie that is causing a good reaction.

Some discussion about the new Micronauts figures set to arrive, or are they?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mego Museum Trading Card #27

It's no surprise as to who our trading card reveal of the day is but it is still a very cool and original looking card. Tomorrow we'll reveal another amazing card, one each day until Mego Meet.

Speaking of Mego Meet, we're ready to kick off the amazing Mego Meet Raffle today. We're allowing non attendees to buy tix for one week prior to win fabulous prizes such as a Carded Andorian and Human Torch. Click Here for Details.

More Mego Meet
Here is the MegoMeet Schedule (courtesy of Derek)

09:30 AM - Brian “Palitoy” Heiler: Mego What Ifs / Never Was – Come join the Mego Museum’s own “Virtual Curator” as he tells of proposed projects & prototypes of what might have been during the heydays of the late 70’s, as well as if Mego Corp remained in business in the early 80’s.

10:30 AM - Chris “ChrisDVM” Johnson: Mego Small: Non Comic 3 ¾ " Action Heroes – Though the Super Heroes lines were the most popular offerings, Mego produced several other lines of 3 ¾ figures of such lines as “Star Trek”, “The Black Hole”, “Buck Rogers”, “CHiPs”, and more.

11:30 AM – Book Preview: “World’s Greatest Toys”, by Benajmin “Imp” Holcomb – Join us for an exclusive Q&A session with the author of this forthcoming book exclusively devoted to Mego’s “World’s Greatest Super Heroes” line, including previews of page layouts. Don’t miss this one!

12:00 PM – Group Photo Shoot – Please join us in the lobby for a photo shoot of all attendees.

12:15 PM- Lunch Break

01:15 PM - Ray “AcroRay” Miller: Micronauts – If you missed Ray’s seminar at MegoCon in 2004, now is your chance to have Ray answer your Micronaut related questions. You’ll also have a chance to see some of Ray’s impressive Micronauts collection on display here at MegoMeet.

02:00 PM – - Brian “Palitoy” Heiler: Foreign Megos – In addition to his considerable duties at the Mego Musuem, Brian is also runs “Palitoy’s Foreign Mego Archive”. Come join this informative chat and learn about the foreign offerings from Harbert, PinPin, Lily Ledy & more!

02:45 PM – Winners of the MegoMeet 2006 Custom Figure Contest Announced

03:00 PM – Mego Custom Q&A – Always wanted to know more about how to make your own customized Megos? Now is your chance to get tips and learn the tricks of some of the World’s Greatest Mego Customizers. If you customize, be sure you grab a seat for this one.

04:00 PM – General Mego Q&A – Collected here at MegoMeet you will find some of the most knowledgeable people in Mego Collecting. If you have a question about anything and everything Mego related, this is your session! Come to learn, or share your own knowledge.

05:30 PM – Event ends at the Museum

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's Clobbering Time! The New Mego Trading Card Revealed!

We couldn't wait to show the latest Mego Trading Cards so we decided to unveil a new design every day up until Mego Meet. Today's entry is a fan favourite, Yancy Street's own, Ben Grimm!

See you tomorrow for this and raffle ticket prize info!

Mego Batmobile Commercial and Mego Meet News

Cool Ad today, the original Mego Batman Commercial for all the snazzy junk he had.

Mego Buzz

Mike unveils the exclusive Jet Jungle box that will be only available at next week's Megomeet

Tom recreates a famous scene from Tim Burton's Batman

The Megomeet raffle will be open at the end of this week, fantastic prizes include a carded Andorian, Classic TV Toys, a Knock Knock Toys Toyman and much, much more.

More Megomeet news, not only will Megomeet attendees get an exclusive Jet Jungle Card but rumour has it Wave 5 cards will debut at Megomeet. That's 11 new designs to collect!

Nothing like finding a MOC Catwoman and auctioning off, even better if you find an Aquaman with it.

More MegoMeet information coming soon, also check out World's Greatest Toys for an amazing update!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mego Commercials for a Monday

Courtesy of the prolific Bill (who just loooves to read his name here) we have another batch of Mego goodies, above is a series of Comic Action Heroes commercials.

But nothing compares to this commercial, everyone's favourite boardgame, Ballbuster.

The new Superman Returns trailer is being discussed, it seems to be looking good, nice to see so much "super merchandise" on the shelves.

The Microverse our board for discussion of 3 3/4" Mego lines, has a really cool new header. If you're like me and into Black Hole, Micronauts or Pocket Superheroes please drop in!

Roberto is asking folks what kind of toys he should bring to Megomeet. Kind of important as MegoMeet is coming very quickly, it's this June 2nd at the Toy and Train Museum in Wheeling WV. Hope to see you there.

The Megomeet Raffle will be announced this week and ticket sales for non attendees will be open for a five days prior to the meet. They will be cut off Thursday June 1, then it can only be open to attendees. Prizes include a carded Andorian!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

World's Greatest Toys Blog update

The always interesting imp has made another entry to his blog about his upcoming Mego Book "World's Greatest Toys", this time it's an interesting look at Mego's history and some common misperceptions.
This book couldn't come sooner......
You know, this is the 100th blog entry here and I thought I'd have trouble writing this, ha!

Friday, May 19, 2006

The 1980 Mego TV Schedule!

A cool update today, the original 1980 Mego TV Schedule has been added to the Mego Library, still the only source for cool Mego paperwork and catalogs!

Coming Soon! Megomuseum TV!
Dave has provided a short link of the many commercials being created for blog broadcast, all with the shiny new Megomuseum logo. Today's commercial is for Mego Star Trek.
Brent submitted some photos of his latest addition, Popy Ultraman and the rest of these Japanese Mego like figures, really cool.
Happy Birthday to Dumbldor!
That's it for now, stay tuned next week for some more cool updates. Have a Great Weekend.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Prizes for the Mego Meet Raffle

Today's commercial is for the Fist Fighters, one of my favourite lines.

The Mego Meet Prizes Grow!

The Mego Meet Raffle for the Museum Cards has some incredible prizes! Thanks to the generosity of Will, we've added a Carded Star Trek Andorian as well as a MOC Human Torch (courtesy of Eric who got the whole ball rolling) and some Great Prizes from Megostore and Megoville

You can read all about the Megomeet raffle on the Mego Forums.

Updates to the Museum coming shortly, some never before seen Mego paperwork and a very hard to find Batman so stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mego Chatter for a Wednesday

Today's ad is courtesy of Bill (now being mentioned here for his third time!), it's a vintage Dinahmite commercial. You can also click here if the link above doesn't work.

Quick Question: A member asked How do you display your MegoMuseum Trading cards?

Cool History: It's the 40th anniversary of Action Man, he's sort of/kind of a cousin to Mego.

Whoa: The MegoMuseum forums top 900 members, a pretty amazing accomplishment considering our only form of advertisment is word of mouth.

Mego Meet: Stay Tuned for exciting news about the MegoMeet raffle, this will truly be a great one and all monies gathered will go to the Megomuseum card fund, ahhhh we're so close to non-hero cards I can taste it. Non-Attendess will be able to buy tickets through me. [email protected]

Picture brings Joy: There is not one but two threads about the new forum topper at Mego Buzz, which makes me laugh because it reminds me of the panic i felt upon receiving 10,000 cards at my shoebox of an office. Trying to stuff them into envelopes and "get them all gone" before I had to go home. Needless to say, it was a complete disaster.....

Wow! MegoSteve posted the amazing new Superman Returns Poster in General Buzz

Customs- Again we have a Custom of the week, today it's Austin Hough's turn to shine, VERY NICE.

Megomeet is almost two weeks away, filled out your registration form yet?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice.........

Today's commercial is for the Mego Hall of Justice Playset, which can also be clicked here.

Mego Buzz

Toyfare : There is some new Mego Content in this month's Toyfare, guess who supplied it?

Wow! The Mego Forums now have 900 members, when did that occur?

Mego Meet Raffle: We're having a raffle at Megomeet that will benefit the trading cards and non attendees can enroll.

Still looks Great: It's Yvonne Craig's Birthday today, Happy Birthday Batgirl.

Whoa! The guys are impressed with the new DC Direct 12" Flash

Cool Custom: Jon submitted this one I wish I had as a kid, Faces the Spy.

Read any Good Funny Books? A poster asks for Comic Book Recommendations.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Megotalk at the Mego Museum

Today's commercial is for the Palitoy Superheroes and can also be linked here.

MegoMeet News: We're trying to organize airport pick ups for Megomeet, flying in? Drop a line in the Mego Buzz.

Megomeet Raffle: We're gathering a Megomuseum Raffle at Megomeet, details are here.

So Sad to say Goodbye: Folks are raving over the last episode of Justice League Unlimited.

Exterminate: Folks are sounding off on David Tennant and the excellent second season of Doctor Who.

MegoMeet Contact: Again, if you need to discuss anything at all about attending Megomeet please do not use the email link for the website. Please contact co-poobah Dave at [email protected]

Saturday, May 13, 2006

More Mego Commercials!

Bill has put a ton of new Mego Commercials on Youtube, like this Action Jackson spot, be sure to check out all the other cool ones including Superheroes and Woodies!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Mego Meet Video from last year

Placed a short film from the last Mego meet on Youtube, this is just Joe walking through the display room while everyone else was in the dealers room.

Mego meet is June 2-3rd 2006 in Wheeling WV, hope to see you there

Check out Spider-man's Wheels!

Got a really cool one today, George was kind enough to send in pics of his Boxed Pocket Heroes Spider-Car, what's cool about it is, there are Comic Action Heroes figures in the box! Very Neat transitional piece.

Cool Stuff on the Mego Forum

Pundman! Mego Museum Member Boss was kind enough to share a video of this Ford Dealership commercial he worked on, the spokesperson is none other than an eight inch mego.

Need it, Got it: Scott caves into peer pressure and creates a Mego Checklist for our very popular Mego Trading Cards.

Worlds Greatest Toys Update: Ben has updated his blog to give a behind the scenes look at the photography needed to complete this wonderful new Mego book.

Great Eye Chris! Our own Earth2Chris spotted something very familiar in the 1976 DC Comics Calendar, the origin art for Mego Supergirl.

IMPORTANT MEGO MEET ANNOUNCEMENT- Planning on attending the 2nd annual Mego Collectors convention? Please see this announcement and register if you'd like to join us for the Mego dinner.
Thats all for now, have a safe and pleasant weekend, may you find a sealed case of Kresge cards at your local flea market.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Palitoy Fist Fighting Superheroes Commercial

Added a Palitoy Commercial over at Youtube, in case the link doesn't work, try this:

Palitoy Fist Fighting Superheroes

The Mego Burton Batman Bendy!

Not that it's easy to follow from the earth shaking announcement of yesterday but today's entry into the Mego Museum is a little more shall we say humble.
That's not to say it isn't interesting, today we have yet another example of a Mego mold being reused almost 10 years after the company has gone under.
A lot of stuff going on at the Mego Forum

World's Greatest Toys- In case you haven't noticed, a new Mego Book is looming on the horizon
and the Megomuseum has a forum where you can ask the author (our own Imp- Banjamin Holcombe) questions. Ben will be at this years Mego Meet to give a lecture on Mego Packaging as well as show samples of the new book. Ben needs your help, if you have things on his wantlist please drop him a line so he can arrange to include it in the book.

The Big Mego Convention- Megomeet 2006 is 3 weeks away, if you're sitting on the fence about this event this is the time to decide. Megomeet this year will have the above mentioned peaks at the new Mego Book, an exclusive Jet Jungle Figure and Megomuseum trading card. plus a great deal more surprises are looming, if you're local to the event we hope to see you there. Attendance looks to be DOUBLE that of last years so this is likely to be the biggest Mego Convention in history!
Another Mego Meet Announcement- Due to technical problems, the Mailbox on the Megomeet website is not working, if you have an unanswered question about the convention itself, please email it's co-poobah David McCormick at [email protected]
Stay Tuned for More Pop Culture Nonsense tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

World's Greatest Toys: Site Launches

A follow up to the Mego Book thread of earlier today, the exciting new World's Greatest Toys Website is up and running. See examples from the book and read about how you can be involved in this great project!

Visit the MegoMuseum New World's Greatest Toys Forum!

World's Greatest Toys: The New Mego Book

I am very pleased to make the following announcement for two reasons: 1) I’m honored to be the first to “spill the beans,” so to speak, on this great project and; 2) I have been keeping the secret far too long.

By 2007, the Mego community will have something very special to add to their collections… a long desired item that will immortalize our hobby.

“World’s Greatest Toys: Mego 8” Super-Heroes” is a large-format, full color (coffee-table style) book nearing completion and publication. In vivid four-color fashion, the Mego story comes to life.

The author behind all of this is one of our own, Benjamin Holcomb (imp), who has been behind the scenes, quietly devoting hundreds of hours to researching, photographing, and writing about our beloved collectibles.

“World’s Greatest Toys” is a love letter to the toy line that truly made Mego special, the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes. It is an exacting opus, chronologically documenting the origins, variations, packaging, and memories of the WGSH in a way never previously attempted.

In writing this book, it would be understatement to call Benjamin thorough. Through first hand interviews, secondary sources and painstaking persistence, all the facts (and none of the fiction) about Mego and the WGSH are presented. The pages are packed with literally thousands of photos of loose and packaged Megos, as well as the most comprehensive checklist ever, of all known packaging variations.

Three years in the making, and now in the final stretches before publishing this exhaustive study, Benjamin finally allowed me to make this announcement in advance of Mego Meet. Benjamin will reveal more about “World’s Greatest Toys: Mego 8” Super-Heroes” to those attending Mego Meet and will present full-color preview chapters.

Benjamin would love our participation and is actively looking for certain items to photograph, for inclusion in the book. He’ll be posting his wish list shortly. If you have what he’s looking for, and are attending Mego Meet, Please, I urge you to bring it to a special photo session occurring at Mego Meet.

Please check out the new Worlds Greatest Toys Forum on the Mego Museum and stay tuned for a secondary announcement today.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Pocket Mego Mystery!

Mego Pocket Superheroes!

A neat mystery for World's Greatest Week, today we discuss the Lion Rock Superhero Shuttles with the addition of the Spider-Man Shuttle Glider to the gallery and we'll be talking about it in the Mego Forum Also we're very close to the BIG Mego announcement this week.

Mark of the Z: It’s not every day a boxed Palitoy Zorro is for sale.

Great Week: There is also a pristine mint set of Mego Aiter Egos figures up for grabs.

Snikt! This new clip of Wolverine doing a fastball special in X3 has a lot of fans not so leery of Brett Ratner.

Bite my Shiny Metal Ass! Yay! Fox may bring Futurama back to prime time. I don’t think they deserve it.

Faster, Better, Stronger. Megoheads are interested in the first ever Bionic Man Convention

The Human Bullet We wax nostalgic and are somewhat horrified over fan appreciation for Hasbro’s Bulletman doll.

Question of the Day: What do you do in a Mego Dry Spell?

And Finally: We get new members every week to the museum but it’s really something when a new member exhibits a cool Star Wars custom of this caliber
Don't forget, we have Really Big News this week!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Mego Aquaman Redux

It's World's Greatest Week at the Megomuseum! We're kicking off a week of Superhero goodness and then ending it with a fantastic announcement that will truly change the face of Mego collecting.

Today: The king of the sea gets an extreme facelift as we revise the Mego Aquaman Gallery with an incredible array of packaging photos, window boxes, Kresge cards and US regular cards, it's all there baby!

Mego Chatter

Score: Greg proves once again that the horseshoe is still up there with his amazing find of Tomlands figures.

Spock?: We're laughing at these cool Mego Like Stop Motion ads for Star Trek 2.0

Bubbles?: I'm really excited about the Trailer Park Boys Movie trailer that just came out.

Uh Oh!: Joe has made his attendance to MegoMeet official and he'll be bringing lots of stuff to sell.

Speaking of Megomeet.....: Jon has created this amazing (and disturbing, let's not forget to mention that) MegoMeet Mascot figure. In case you haven't noticed Jon has been posting his innovative Mego Customs for a while now, the Space Pirates are my current favourites.

So much more to mention but will save stuff for Wednesday's update, watch for Thursday's big announcement.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Mego Meet 2006 Exclusive Card Revealed

We've added a new trading card to the mix and you can only get it by attending Mego Meet.
If that's not all, we have a revised Jet Jungle Page for the Museum with new pics and information.

Still not satisfied? You will be next week when the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT gets made.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stretching the Limits at the MegoMuseum!

Today we finish our regular trading card reveals and it's certainly a nice way to go out, a cliffhanger. Will Mego Mr Fantastic be joined by his team mates? Only time will tell.

Mego Forum Chatter

Me Tarzan? A recent foreign Mego Auction has folks noticing that it also includes a set of Megomuseum Trading Cards.

Curse you Lucas! fans irate about this newest Star Wars DVD announcement


Tomorrow: We unveil the Megomeet Exclusive trading card! The only way to get this cool card is to attend Megomeet! You'll see it here tomorrow for the first time.

Next Week: The Really BIG Announcement, the one I've been hinting at for weeks. It's so cool, you'll plotz!

Mego is about to get noticed!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

FLAME ON! at the Megomuseum

I don't know about that title for today's entry. but it does sum up today's newest trading card,
Mego Human Torch come check it out.

Other Stuff

Yay! The guys are raving about the new Superman Returns Trailer.

Faster Kato! What was once the stuff of legend in the eighties is now available on ebay, Captain Action sure ain't what it used to be.

You know that big Megomeet announcement I keep rumouring? It's definitely happening and the Megomuseum Blog will have it first! Stay Tuned!

It's really cool, even if you're not coming to the meet........

trust me it effects you.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The missing Mego Museum Trading Card

Today's card reveal is the Maiden of Steel but also has an interesting story attached.

More Mego Blather

Tradsies! Members are now swapping cards on the playground.

Nerd Fame: Our own Megosteve is featured on's latest Superman article.

It's OK to brag dept: We call it sharing when you've made some good scores, here Paul shares his Great day on Ebay.

Megomeet Rumour Dept: Again I hear rumblings of a great announcement at Megomeet, it's going to be big folks, BIG!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Mego Trading Card #22 is a real cutie

Starting Monday with a real Bang, we've unveiled the 22nd Megomuseum trading Card, none other than a real Mego fan favourite, Batgirl!

Other Mego Bits Of Interest

Streeetch! Mego fans chime in on the Elastic Mego Spiderman on Ebay

Man of the Hour: Customego has chosen Ed Nagy as Customizer of the Month

Just one Calorie: A discussion about Tab Cola

Cashzilla: We gripe about the cost of a Micronauts Ampzilla