Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Top Five Underrated Mego lines?

Megos top five underrated lines

Click here to find out what we think are the truly unappreciated gems of Mego toys.

Agree or disagree at our forum!

welcome to my customs nightmare

Check out the too cool custom of the week at the custom forums.

These Conquest of the Planet of the Apes customs rule!

The battle for top five Worlds Greatest Superhero ends at 5pm today, cast your vote!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mego Museum Super Hero Showdown!

the Mego Museum Superhero Showdown
We're down to the final ten in the MegoMuseum Who are the top five greatest Mego Superheroes? Poll. Who will make the top five? Vote today for your favourite.

John is working on a Palomino ship from the Black Hole, an amazing undertaking.

Paramount is
reissuing Star Trek with new CG effects, will you watch it? I personally can't wait for the all new CG character, "Ensign Binks"

Friday, August 25, 2006

Mego News for a Friday

We're still under construction but it'll be worth the wait, some fantastic new content, galleries and articles are going to be unveiled in September. In the meantime, there are some neat things going on in our forum:

Paul has created some killer Mego Wall Paper for you desk top, it features our line of trading cards in some creative ways, worth a look.

Speaking of Mego Trading Cards, a poster asks "Will there be more?" and we give some hints.

I'm loving this old Burger King Commercial, remember the Duke of Doubt?

Andrew has created a killer Alice Cooper custom that you gotta check out. Why didn't Mego make an Alice Cooper doll?

Joe has done another amazing job on this figure of Orion from the New Gods

Vinny has a Super Mega sales list of cool Mego stuff, it's causing a riot folks!

Lastly, Shop at any of these vintage toystores? focuses on pictures of long forgotten toy stores....

Monday, August 21, 2006

New Foreign Mego Superheroes Discovered!

It's a rare occasion when we discover something totally new but this is, pretty cool. Much like the Lili Ledy discovery of the 1990's, we've found evidence of yet another foreign distributor in South America producing their own licensed version of Mego figures.

Read all about the Superman from Peru here

In case you missed yesterday, I got another piece to solving the Mego Mystery Man puzzle.

The guys are swapping stories after seeing this vintage toy store pic.

Mike reviews the weekends Supermega show in NJ.

We're showing cool old Christmas morning pics in Mego buzz

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another Piece to the Mystery Man Puzzle

I've been asking former Mego employees about one of our greatest mysteries and received some interesting information, check it out at the Mego forum.

And stay tuned Monday for a new Foreign exclusve you've never seen before!

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Mego Museum Top Five Headsculpts

The Mego musuem Top five best headsculpts
New Feature today in what I am hoping will be a series, the Megomuseum Top Five list, today's subject? The Best Headsculpts by Mego.

Also going on:

Roberto has started a
Megohead Fantasy Football League and is looking for some folks to join up.

An interesting question about those Mego like Pez heads from the 1970's, who is the man in the Orange mask?

Ben has posted an update in the World's Greatest Toys forum, definitely what we needed to hear.

I'm loving this classic Trek Harry Mudd custom that Georg has revealed.

Ray appears to have been sucked into the world of Mego collecting without even noticing, can you say "Ha-Ha!"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Random Mego Babble

We're busy with a few new projects for the Museum, some pure fun and some mind blowing stuff that's really going to bring us into a new level, seriously. So instead of a real update today, I'm just going to point out some of the sutff going on at the forum.

A solid boxed Aquaman only fetched $600 on ebay, was everybody asleep?

There is a Zorro Alert on Ebay, prepare your wallet!

A new member reflects on his first month on the Museum boards, so i stole his thread title for the blog.

I asked a question about paying more than a toy is worth and people have really given me some great feedback.

Ever heard of the Turkish Star Trek movie?

Ron has made a killer Superfriends Bizarro figure and Dave has done a mego scaled Yoda in customs.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cool Mego Black Hole Ad plus more!

Added a cool vintage toy industry ad for the Mego Star Trek and Black Hole line of toys. It features the unproduced Palamino playset amongst other cool items.

For more info on those unappreciated lines, check out the Mego Black Hole and Star Trek The Motion Picture sections at the Museum.

Other Mego Goodness

Mike proudly shares with us his collection of Mego Planet of the Apes Bendies and the vintage display box he's trying to fill. Warning! You may be prone to fits of jealousy!

If that wasn't enough for one week, Charlie shares with us his amazing collection of Mego Superheroes on 1976 cards. There are only so many ways to say "wow".

Tim shows us how he displays his Mego Museum Trading cards. Better than how i do it, that's for sure.

Joe shows off his custom Iron Man in the works while Laurie is hard at work on a scary good BeetleJuice custom.

A poster asks Whats on your desk? with interesting results.

A strange toy find happened to me recently.

A beautiful boxed Mego Batlab has folks wondering, How high will it go?

That's all for now, stay loose! Or carded, whatever turns you on.......

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Neat Stuff at the Mego Museum

What's going on at the Web's largest Mego Community

Dan has a few uber cool mego rarities up on Ebay, the guy is always selling quality. A lot of people wish they could be Dan ;)

Speaking of Sales, Vinny is threatening a
massive sales list soon Keep your eyes on that topic....

Vinny also pointed out these awesome 70's Superhero kitchen magnets
Thunderbolt has asked folks to pick his next custom. For those unfamiliar with his work check out his awesome Blue Devil and Creeper.

Mattel has announced a series of Superfriends Action Figures, anticipation runs high as a bunch 30 somethings get ready to hit the preschool aisle! Self included!
John shares the Mego love with a pic of his first carded Titan.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Comic Action Heroes Update at Mego Museum

Mego Comic Action Heroes

Added a unique Canadian Carded CAH Wonder Woman to the packaging section today, worth a browse if you've never checked it out.

Charlie shares pics of his latest aquistion, a minty Clark Kent.

It's good week on Ebay with a MIB Enterprise Gift Set and the motherlode of Lili Ledy figures.

In Microverse, we're discussing what figures you'd have added to the Star Trek: The Motion Picture line.

This pic of the new Justice Society Comic has folks drooling.

Friday, August 04, 2006

New Mego Pocket Super Heroes Piece

mego pocket super heroes

A neat piece to showcase today, a set of Mego Pocket Super Heroes in their original JC Penney Mailer box. You don't see stuff like this as much as you should.

General Buzz has turned into a series of "Picard VS Kirk" debates, yet this nice little thread about the DVD rerelease of Forbidden Planet has arisen.

Stefano bought this cool 1970's Supergirl Knockoff worth a look!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another piece to the Mego Mystery!

A cool addition to one of the most confusing Mego Mysteries. Thanks to Rob Chatlin, we've established a date of sale for the Mego Mystery Man (Pilot/Astronaut?). One of these days, we'll figure this out until then, we'll be discussing it in this thread on the Mego Forums.

Other Bits of Mego Goodness:

Dave picked up a cool new Planet of the Apes Piece

I love this Batman from Superfriends Custom

Lou explains why Paul Clare is his hero

Ben is having some auctions to raise money for the Legal Fees associated with publishing World's Greatest Toys his upcoming Mego book. Not only will you be buying yourself a brand spanking new toy but you'll be helping out one of the most anticipated books of the year. It's win-win! So bid now and bid hard!

Highlights of his auction:

Popy 8" Heroes, 12" Mego Robin and Spiderman and more

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One Million BC Gallery Updated with great new info!

click here for the best coverage of the one million BC figures in the whole wide woild!

Some nice new additions to the Mego One Million BC Gallery, including:

Discuss this in the Forum Thread

Other Topics:

Who will be member 1,000 of our forum? Will it be you?

Who is the Best Mego Likeness? I'll explain why i need this later.

Joe made a very cool Creeper Custom

Isis is returning to the DCU

Everyone is a buzz about the new Batman Movie

And if you missed it, there is still talk about yesterday's Bill Baron Interview

that's right, I'm proud of it.....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Mego Museum Interview with Bill Baron VP R&D Mego

marty abrams darren mcgavin and irwin rosenthal at the eagle force toy fair launch
Why is Darren McGavin dressed like Captain Eagle? You'll have to read the Mego Museum exclusive interview with former VP of R&D Mr Bill Baron to find out.

Mr Baron shares his experiences from 40 years in the toy business highlighting his tenure at Mego, as an added bonus Mr Baron's wife Mary Anne Baron has shared her fantastic photographs of the Mego Eagle Force launch.

We also added the original Eagle Force commercials that come from Bill's personal collection, these commercials haven't likely been seen since 1981.

Some new and exciting bits of Mego History, only at the Mego Museum! Please drop by and let us know what you think at the Mego Buzz Forums!

Interesting Topics on the Forums

The Toy list that almost ruined Mego collecting is an interesting bit of history.

What are your top five favourite Sci Fi Shows?

Information about the Mego Star Trek Warehouse find