Saturday, April 29, 2006

Riddle Mego This!

A Saturday bonus Mego Card! Today we have the UBER COOL Mego Riddler card. One of my favourites, enjoy.

No Mego Pulse today, it's my daughters birthday, I have lots of party stuff to do.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Puny Mego!

Today's trading Card is a real fan favorite, none other than the INCREDIBLE HULK! and the results are smashing, literally.

Other Mego Bytes

Flash Ah-ahhhhh! One really cool filmation series is coming to DVD.

We have the technology Will points out this neat Six Million Dollar Man box variation.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lightning Strikes at the Mego Museum

Holy Moley indeed, we've got the latest Megomuseum trading card unveiled and it's a real winner, none other than the world's mightiest mortal Mego Shazam!

More Interesting Mego Stuff

A member asks what's the difference between MOC and Opened Card?

Chris asks how the Megomeet exclusive Jet Jungle Box should look

A great Palitoy Paul Morrow from Space:1999 is featured in Auction Watch.

A nice custom Collossus from X Men featured in Customego

And finally, our own ABMAC has made one of those "right in our face but we never noticed" type of discoveries about the Mego Green Arrow Sculpt. Well done!

The newest Mego Trading Card has bite

The third newest Mego Museum Trading card has been unveiled, it's none other than Spidey's sewer dwelling foe, THE LIZARD!

In other Mego News:

Small World: Jason has updated his fantastic Mego site, We are Small. Truly one of the most creative sites around.

Duhnuhnuhnuh! A small thread about the old Sid and Marty Krofft series Bigfoot and Wildboy.

Ack! The title says it all This is no way to store your Megos!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mego's King of the Sea Returns

Aquaman sure doesn't get a lot of respect in the mainstream world but you wouldn't know that at the Museum, today we unveil his new trading card and it seems to be a hit !
Some More Mego Community Ramblings
Four Weeks until Megomeet! Have you registered yet?
I love the customs we're getting lately, check out this neat Planet of the Apes Two pack or this Marvel comics tomb of Dracula or this piece on cheap easy Mego customs.
Speaking of Customs, swing by the Customego Blog, Tuesday is when they pick Custom of the week.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Holy Trading Cards Batman!

The new Megomuseum trading card has been revealed! It is certainly a fan favourite and Scott really outdid himself, one down, nine more to go.
More Madness from the world's Best Mego Forum:
Magnetic attraction! Stefano shares with us, some never before seen Italian Mego ads.
Good Question: A poster asks "what's the value of a Mego Tex Willer" and gets his answer.
Blech: Fans weigh in on Spider-Man's new costume.

Stay Tuned tomorrow, another trading card and a lot more!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Coming Monday 10 days of Trading Cards

Starting this Monday, ten new cards, ten new heroes. Also coming up are new exclusive interviews with the late Neal Kublan and Former VP of R&D Bill Baron plus even more surprises, so stay tuned to the Mego Museum.
Meanwhile on the buzz, Joe is giving away Mr Myx Cards to anyone who asks.
Kneel, Son of Jor-El! The guys are talking about this cool General Zod Custom.
Return of the Wolfman? Usually we're mad when someone swipes a pic from the Museum but we'll forgive this one.

Rumour Dept: There may be a big announcement at Megomeet but don't hold me to that.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Space:1999 Galleries get revised!

Palitoy Week comes to end with new updates to our Space:1999 galleries, including new packaging shots of Captain Koenig and the Mysterious Alien all courtesy of Will. We filled in a lot of neat gaps this week.

Next we take a look at the new Mego Museum Trading Cards coming down the pipeline, these will blow your mind!

Mego Pulse

Memory Lane: Dave highlights some threads concerning the success of last year's Mego Convention.

Awesome: Toyshop Magazine has listed Megomeet as one of the Top 8 shows you should really visit in 2006.

Not this again: Some more musings about AFA grading

Excelsior! Bob's new custom breaks down the fourth wall of comics

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Winding up the Mego Apes

Pantless Doctor Zaius above has nothing to do with today's update, I just find it funny. Today we wind up Palitoy week with the rare Blue carded Doctor Zaius, Palitoy cards for Peter Burke and Alan Verdon. Tomorrow we take a trip to the future but it's actually our past now.

Very Cool Stuff: Chris has unveiled the new exclusive figure that will only available at MegoMeet, it's pretty snazzy!
Attack! A conversation on building a mego army is found here
Hi-Ya! Mego like Ninjas are being discussed in of all things, the Mego-Like forum.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More Palitoy Mego Apes

Palitoy Week continues with some real rarities, today Will has given us shots of both UK versions of Zira from Planet of the Apes. Neat!

Mego Pulse:

Paging Chicago Area Megoheads : The
Kane County Toyshow is this weekend.
VRRRROOOOM: Rob just got his Australian BP Racer and is nice enough to share detailed pics.
I congratulate your Brain! An interesting discussion on Mego's 2xl
King of the Sea: Some musings about DC Directs new 12" Aquaman which has sidetracked into some silliness (partially my fault)

Stay Tuned for more updates, two new Mego interviews and much more.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mego Meet Update

Mego Meet Announcements

The Mego Meet Itinerary has revealed that there will be an exclusive Megomuseum Trading card handed out at the show.

Mego Meet is the premier convention for Mego toy collectors and is held at the Toy and Train Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia this June. Mego Collectors from across the country will gather to attend seminars, trade action figures and have a custom contest.

If you love the World's Greatest Superheroes, Action Jackson, Planet of the Apes, Micronauts or even Cher, Mego Meet is something you should seriously think of attending.

Many more surprises will be following in the coming weeks regarding Megomeet--stay tuned.

Palitoy Carded Apes

We kick off our second day of Palitoy week with a rare glimpes at a Bradgate Carded Cornelius More great Apes updates to follow all this week, feel free to drop by the Palitoy Week thread at MegoBuzz and tell us what you think!

Mego Pulse- New threads from the Web's best Mego Community

Mego Customs Today is the day we announce the Custom of the Week, please check it out and post your thoughts in our Custom Mego Forum.

Auction Watch A long time member has put some very nice Carded Mego Superheroes up for grabs.

Comic Book Guy A poster asks what comics you liked that didn't sell well?

Mego Fact poses a thread about commonly missing Mego accessories

Monday, April 17, 2006

Palitoy Week at the Megomuseum

There is nothing cooler than receiving shiny new photos of things we don't have, that's why I am very excited at the donations of our own Will who is kind enough to fill in some strong U.K. gaps this week.

First up is Mego Star Trek and we have five new additions in the early Bradgate cards, please check out the Kirk, Spock, Scottie, Dr McCoy and Klingon Galleries for fantastic new shots.

Next up? Palitoy Apes, stay Tuned.

Topics of Interest:

nahnahnahnah Batman! A poster shared this cool Halloween pic from years past.

So Very Sad: A really nice set of Mutilated Kresge Cards are on Ebay.

Toy History: This forgotten Toy Blueprint is being discussed in the Microverse.

Comic Book Guy Forum asks What event ruined a comic for you?

Friday, April 14, 2006

Fantastic Mego Update Today

Fantastic Four are the center of attention in today's update, newly added photos of packaging concentrate on the different aspects of the FF's packaging during their tenure at Mego. It's pretty amazing how rare some cards are while others are incredibly common. Thanks to Dumbldor for the cool pics! See the thread on Megobuzz for more info.
Topics of Interest!
The Mego Meet Agenda has been laid out. Have you registered yet?
Auction Watch is Discussing the Boxed Planet of the Apes Giftset and Carded Romulan currently up for grabs on Ebay.
This new Superhero movie has folks excited!

See you soon, two new Mego Interviews, Carded Palitoy Figures and a Whole lot more coming this month!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mego Aquaman O Rama!

What better way to kick off the Easter Season than by focusing on DC Comic's King of the Sea?

There probably is a better way but it doesn't feature Aquaman dolls! Check out the Updated Gallery!
Carnage from the Web's best Mego Forum

In Mego Buzz, a collector asks What to do when the figure arrives broken?

It's almost a quarterly event, the Post a picture of yourself thread!

A fun thread on a member Completing his Dukes of Hazzard Collection.

Is this Star Wars Car cool or the work of a guy who needs to get out more?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New photos in the Supergirl Gallery

Ok I admit it, I had a crush on Mego Supergirl as a kid, unfortunately I could never get over the stigma of buying a "Girl Doll" (which didn't seem to matter come Star Wars time) to ever get one. I got through all that later on in life as evidenced by the new Mego Supergirl Photo collage.
More Mego Nonsense

Here is a loaded question from general buzz What does your signifigant other think of Mego Collecting?

It's only
6 more weeks until Mego Meet 2006 and attendance is through the roof! Megomeet 2006 looks like it will be the most attended Mego Convention ever with a dealers room, key note speaker and a yet to be announced exclusive Mego Museum Trading card, there is no reason not to go!

Like twisted Toyfare theatre? Then you'll love
The Real World Metropolis

Jason unveiled these killer
Goram Reavers from the TV series Firefly in Customego, be sure to check out the Custom Mego Blog Tuesday is when they announce Custom of the Week!.

See you in 48 hours when I'll have a tribute to Mego Aquaman plus more!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Some great new images have surfaced in the Mego Green Arrow, gallery thanks to the input of Scott and Tom. Worth checking out if you enjoy looking at difficult rare carded pieces.

Auction Watch features an interesting debate on The merits of AFA grading Mego

Infinite Crisis#6 is being discussed in the Comic Book Forum. I haven't read it yet so no spoilers!

And a discussion on Mego Type 1 Superman has yielded some very well researched answers.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wondergirl Variant Discovered

Kind of a neat one today, our pal Raymond has unearthed a strange variant of the Mego Wondergirl Figure that we're currently discussing on the Mego Buzz Climb aboard and tell us what you think!

Forum Stuff:

I'd like to send a big shout out to our reader Bill, hopefully we'll double our numbers soon.

On Mego Buzz, the guys are actively trading
Mego Museum Gum Cards If you need some, now is the time to get in.

The upcoming
Simpsons Movie is a hotter topic than Superman's skimpy briefs!

A neat
Zatanna Custom is just one of the new things on Custom Mego.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mego Spider-Man Summary Shot

New to the Museum today is a retrospective of all things Mego Spider-Man, it's by no means complete but it's still fun to look at.

On the boards:

People are rating the new Superman Returns Ken Doll

There is much chatter about the Season 2 Doctor Who Trailer

An interesting question got posed in General Buzz, What would the internet have been like in the 1970's

Auction Watch features a discussion of What are the Mego items you haven't seen in the past year on Ebay?

More tomorrow, be sure to check out Customego blog for updates!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Topics of Interest

Scott gives an amazing photoshop tutorial on How to create Mego repro art as you can see by the Jet Jungle I did in five minutes, it's one cool lesson.

Megobuzz has the question
What was the one childhood Mego you wanted but never got?

Hue has asked
How do the Mego WGSH rank to you?

A mysteriously cool
Green Version of the Action Jackson Race Car has surfaced.

Customego has chosen their
Mego Custom of the Week as they will every Tuesday.

Another Update tomorrow, stay Tuned!

Monday, April 03, 2006

A Shazam Retrospective

Had a little fun and created a Mego Shazam retrospective this weekend of all the cool things I could find featuring Mego Captain Marvel.

More News:

Custom Mego has named Laurie Halbritter it's first Customizer of the Month Something richly deserved IMO.

The guys are discussing Where to get Mego Stands in Mego Buzz.

and in Mego Like, they're buzzing about the Remco Monsters!

Stay tuned this week for more cool updates!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

One Cool Picture

Rob Chatlin posted some very cool reenactments of the Classic Star Trek episode "Arena" using his Mego Kirk and Gorn at Vasquez Rocks The results are just too fun.