Monday, July 31, 2006

Help us build a better Mego Museum

We're fine tuning the gallery maps please drop in and give us your two cents.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mego Star Trek Blueprints

Added some scans of the Star Trek the Motion Picture playset blueprints, a little more of an indepth look for those interested.

Everyone is drooling over this Lili Ledy Supergirl on Ebay.

Forbidden Planet and Superman 2 are getting the deluxe DVD treatment.

Does Heath Ledger make a good Joker? Check out the pic and decide.

Austin is putting together a vintage Hulk Van.

A nice thread about our friend the dear departed Mike Haspiel.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mego Museum visits San Deigo Comic Con Part 4

Part 4 Mego Meet San Diego : It wasn't really our intention to visit the Comic Con on Saturday, we were going to explore flea markets and funky shopping in San Diego. What motivated us to change our minds was the heat, it was boiling hot as we waited for our shuttle. It made me dream of air conditioned halls and my wife kept mulling over the comic panels she wanted to see. We decided to check it out for one more day, my press pass was for the weekend, so that didn't hurt.

oh the humanity

This was my view at 11 Am that day, if you don't like crowds then please, attend the con on a weekday. Saturday easily had double the populace of Friday and that day was no picnic either. Costume people were everywhere, making me wonder how these people could survive in makeup in these kind of conditions but more on that shortly.

I figured out the best way to get around was to actually leave the con and either use the up stairs or the lobby to get around, people moved faster without the distraction of the show.

What is truly amazing about this event is how diverse comics have become, when i attended my first show in 1985 I remember being shocked by the presence of a girl now there wasn't a demographic not represented, pretty fantastic.

Alot of people have asked for pictures of booth babes and I have to admit, I haven't got many. Why? Because it become irritating to have the laneways slow to a crawl because some guy needed a pic of a girl with her breasts hanging out. Even though the 6 ft tall woman in the pitch perfect Supergirl outfit was captivating, I just couldn't bring myself to be "that guy"

Then I stumbled upon this.......

the supergals

Well, that Batgirl alone was enough temptation for me to stop and take a picture and I was stuck there anyway. This looked so cool that I broke my vow on costumed photographs.

the supergals

The traffic around the DC booth came to a dead stop so I tried to cut across the Sideshow booth, where a guy dressed as Predator jumped out. I was nearly trampled by people with cameras as I tried to backpeddle.

Around this time I realized my cel phone was no longer working properly, I had no link to contact my wife or Scott at the show. I decided to try and motor through the lobby and catch the Spirit movie panel. I remember thinking "I'm never going to run into anyone with this crowd!"
Five seconds later, I run into Scott and Rob Chatlin who have been trying to get ahold of me, we procede back to Mark's booth to run into Ben (imp). At Mark's booth Ben was holding court and a very cool purchase was made.

Rob Chatlin buys Mark Huckabones Mystery Astronaut

Rob decided to purchase Marks Mego Mystery Man which was still in it's originally baggie with price sticker($0.49!). The collector Mark purchased this from dated every piece when he bought it originally from the shelf, so now we have a timeline as to when this figure was available. Getting a piece of the Mystery Man puzzle was an incredible bonus.

At that point, the show was reaching peak occupancy and Ben starting discussing all things beer. After a short stop at the Mattel booth, we bid adieu to San Diego Comic Con for good this time. We settled on the same pub where I ate with Scott the previous night (my ulterior motive was that I left my sunglasses there) but the food was good and air conditioning a must.

It was a great time, an impromptu Megomeet of sorts, very surreal to sit down with folks I had spent the last ten years talking to but never met. Before we left, we made sure to take a pic.

The Mego Museum crew having a few beers

From left to Right: Rob Chatlin, Benjamin Holcomb, Michelle Heiler, Brian Heiler, Scott Adams.

From then we bid farewell and everybody went home. My wife and I wandered San Diego for a few more hours and caught a glimpse of people leaving the now closed Con.

San Diego Comic Con is over for the day

The next day, we left for home and I got home in time to hug my kids and let them treat me not unlike some live action version of the game "Operation". I'd like to say I have no regrets but I have a few, they are:

Not talking to Brian Posehn when I had the chance
Not talking to Richard Donner (I didn't want to wait in line, wah!)
Missing the Bruce Timm signing
Watching "She's the Man" on the plane
Missing out on meeting up with some friends and Museum members

But really I can't complain, I did more than I expected and I'm very, very tired....

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mego Museum visits San Deigo Comic Con Part 3

What Snoop Doggy Dog looks like
Part 3- Experience helps, that's all I'm going to say. While I was busy looking at all the pretty lights and colors, Scott Adams was studying the show's panel schedule and discovered the Superman 2 panel.

We were early and jumped into a panel that featured Billy Dee Williams, Ernie Hudson and Snoop Doggy Dogg. Snoop was a lot smaller in person, tiny in fact, seeing as in real life he is some guys cell phone. Apparantly the real Snoop got stuck in traffic, not really a let down for me but I am sure some fans were upset.

I really just took Scott's word about the Superman Panel, I didn't even really read who was going to be there and honestly, that made it more fun to be surprised.

The Superman Panel
Noel Neill (Lois Lane), Sam Huntington (Jimmy from Superman Returns) Marc McClure (Jimmy from Superman/Supergirl), Jack O'Halloran (Non from Superman 2) , Tom Mankiewicz and Richard Donner! I can't describe how cool it was to applaud Donner in person as I had done in the theatres twenty five years ago.

The Superman Panel

In between the great stories, we were shown the opening 15 minutes of the new Superman 2, it's a Superman fan's dream. Brando is back baby and so is the missing connection between the first and second movies. Woo-hoo!

Another terrific lost scene was played but I had to leave (too much coffee) according to my wife "I missed the best part". Apparantly Lois discovers who Clark really is in the office by drawing glasses on a picture of Superman, I wish i had caught it. I left my wife and Scott in the auditorium as they were sticking around for the BattleStar Galactica panel. I like the show but I had to go meet someone more important to my inner child.

Lou Scheimer signed my Mego Isis CardIn the early morning, a woman handed me a Filmation Flash Gordon Tattoo, I quickly told her that i was a fan. She replied "We have Lou Scheimer signing this afternoon" I completely lost it. Even as a kid I equated that name to countless Filmation Cartoons.

I was there at 2pm on the nose for the signing, second in line behind a young She-Ra fan. On Scott's clever suggestion, I had retrieved an Isis Card from Mark's table to get him to sign. Mr Scheimer was a real gentleman, while I explained that I got my appreciation for Tarzan from him, his daughter explained to me "Oh Dad loves Tarzan" How cool is that? The item on the left might be my favourite thing I got this weekend.

With my wife tied up until 3pm, I had an hour to take some photos and look for a present for my Superhero obsessed son. I actually got around the now jam packed show and managed to get some interesting stuff.

DC Direct Shazam

Here is close up of the DC Direct 13" Shazam new sculpt, I wish he was smiling.

DC Direct

Some new DC Direct figures, I don't know who is who anymore.


Does KISS merchandise ever end? according to Sideshow, no.

Lego Batman

Lego did a cool Batman display this year with a L'il Batcave and Gotham City!

Lego Batman

Awww, the Dark Knight detective has never been cuter! This display was beautiful!

Lego Batman

Sota displayed their "re-imagined" Micronauts, not my cup of tea but I am happy to see the line still existing in some form or another. I hope it's a hit.

My first day Haul I headed to Mattel to see if had won the raffle, maybe it was my lack of sleep but I went to the counter with a losing ticket. I must have given the woman "puppy dog eyes" because she sold me a Grundy. Yay!

I rejoined with Scott and my wife and we headed back to Mark's table. My wife pushed me to make my other purchase of the day, a Mego Greatest American Hero set. I had been after this for many years so I was going home with a grail.

After dining in a great pub, we parted ways with Scott and went to bed thinking we were done with SDCC and would tour San Diego instead. Funny how things change!

Coming Next Part 4: Mego Meet San Diego

Mego Museum visits San Deigo Comic Con Part 2

Mego Museum Visits San Diego Comic Con Part two

Part 2 Friday at the Con: One thing about visiting the West Coast is that you are always punctual, especially when you get up at 4:30 in the morning totally refreshed. We had plenty of time to eat and make our way down to the con.

Once we arrived, I couldn't help but notice how well the line moved and how quickly we were in. Before long, Museum founder Scott Adams tracked us down and we filled the freebie table with Mego Museum cards, each time either of us would "check in", the cards would be gone.

Mego Museum trading cards

San Diego Comic Show

Once we entered the show floor, it was just amazing as to how big this thing was. I've been to FX, Chiller Theatre, Motor City and many other large shows but San Diego has them beat size-wise anyway. It was already a sea of people and barely half of the attendees were inside yet!

San Diego Comic Show Map

For those who have never been, the show can be easily explained. The map itself is a bit like a Mad Magazine fold in. If you remove the middle, it's a large comic show with vendors, guests and an artists alley.

But it's the middle that makes SDCC interesting, it's companies like DC, Marvel, Hasbro, Toy Biz, Spike TV, IFC, Lego,Warner Brothers, Sideshow, Image, Darkhorse and others catering to you. It's this added hoopla that makes SDCC fun.

The first order of business was tracking down a certain Mego dealer, it was a bit confused but we eventually found him. We had walked right by him on our first attempt which was strange that we didn't notice this obvious beacon.

 Mark Huckabone had an amazing display for SDCC

Mark Huckabone brought what only could be described as a breathtaking array of Mego, if you couldn't find something on your wantlist at this booth, you don't collect Mego! The man brought the goods! He even had a set up Wayne Foundation play set on display. Non Mego highlights included cherry MIB Creature from the Black Lagoon and carded Star Raiders!

 Mark Huckabone took all my money
Why is this man smiling? Because he took all my money for the second time this summer. Damn he's good. Mark handed out Megomuseum Trading Cards
for the entire weekend. I spent the rest of the show searching for Mego, while I found a few pieces, nobody had anything near what Mark had brought, he simply had the best vintage toy display in the building.

 Hasbro Nine Inch Captain America

One of the busiest booths this year was Hasbro with speculation high over it's take on the Marvel name, it's not hard to see why. My particular favourites were these 9 inch Marvel heroes that use the same body as their DC Silver Age series from 1999. While I know a lot of guys are bummed these aren't 8"ers, I am pretty excited about having a Superman and Spider-man in the same scale with the same body style. Click Here to see more pics of the Hasbro Booth.

I slunk over to the Mattel booth only to get a raffle ticket to "win" the chance to get one of their exclusive Solomon Grundy figures. I've rid my self of all forms of new toy collecting except for the JLU, they're harder to quit than smoking. It looks like 2007 will see me purchasing carton after carton of JLU, sigh!

Mattel JLU lineup

Some more cool pics from the Mattel booth, some two ups of figures I didn't even know were on their way, Supergirl as well as baddies Mongul and Parasite. Pretty Wild.

 Mattel Supergirl

 Mattel Mongul

Next Up Part 3: Superman 2, O Mighty Isis plus more.

Mego Museum Visits San Diego Comic Con Part 1

San Diego Comic Con

I'd heard about San Diego Comic Con for nearly two decades from lucky friends who had attended previously, it was almost tradition for me. All conversations ended with "you should go"

This year I heard "we should go" from my wife. Having never taken a vacation in nearly 7 years, I agreed. San Diego seemed like the kind of place where we could explore after the show, so the whole vacation wouldn't revolve around the con, or so we thought......

San Diego embraces nerds

We arrived on Thursday but weren't set to attend the con until Friday, walking around the city, you could tell how much the locals embrace this weekend. Nobody batted an eye when a Stormtrooper or Klingon entered a bar, nobody giggled as the Joker bought breakfast at the deli.

All the folks walking around downtown with their badges and costumes made me a little jealous I wasn't already visiting the con. The energy of the show could be felt from nearly a mile away, very impressive. I had no idea as to expect yet.

Part 2 coming later today!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vintage Mego Ad plus San Diego Comic Con News

Some interesting things for a Wednesday, first off is this cool little ad for the Sayvette Chain from Canada, what's on special, Superheroes and Apes of course.

Members of the Mego Museum forum will be at this years San Diego Comic Con, keep your eyes peeled for Museum cards, they'll be at dealer tables throughout the show. Hopefully on Monday I'll have some con coverage for you, Mego style!

Stretch Your budget! Will the Mego Elastic Incredible Hulk beat the record that Batman set last week, time will tell! Weird how these all of a sudden became the hot item. Here is the original commercial just cause it's timely.

Check out this cool Mego Batman Painting. If I wasn't already broke, this would be hanging in my rec room.

Joe has made a really cool Shining Knight figure , while this figure of Lobo is Mego Custom of the Week.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mego Museum Gets some Serious Press!

Mego action Jackson is featured in this months lees
If June wasn't enough, we have some more great press this July. Starting with Lee's Toy Review magazine. This months "News from the Mego Museum" section is all about the foreign variants of Action Jackson.

Mego Action Jackson is featured in this months leesThe article focuses on Action Jackson's international marketing efforts and includes comments from a familiar person on the Museum Forums.

Mego Museum is featured in this months non sport update
If that's not enough, we also are featured in this month's non sport update magazine dealing with our trading cards. Thanks to the staff of this excellent magazine for this nice piece.

Other News and Events:

DC Direct has retooled the head on their 13 inch Shazam, better or worse? you tell us.

If US magazine can do it, why can't we? It's the Mego Collector Hot or Not Poll

Scott brings us down memory lane with this cool pic of a vintage Woolworths store

Amanda unveils her latest Mego purchase and it's very cool.

Finally, I managed to save my Elastic Spider-Man after he sprung a leak, hooray!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cool Mego Ad plus the return of the 8" Superhero?

Mego Mighty Mightor is featured in todays update

Some really neat stuff today, first, our own imp has provided us with a scan of a 1980 pinpin toys ad which features man foreign exclusives and rarities.

Rumour Mill: Is Hasbro really going to produce 8" clothed figures of the Marvel Superheroes? Apparantly we find out today!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mego Unveils the Vamp and the Champ!

Really neat stuff today, the 1976 Toy Fair newsletter is something I never thought I'd get my hands on but thanks to an awesome donation, I have a copy.
This amazing piece of Mego History shows a company at it's prime, when it represented the giants of entertainment and brother, they did it in style.

Other Mego Stuff:

Vinny offers some pics of his Super Knights display, it's pretty hard to top.

Lots of Chatting about the new George Reeves biopic

I have a soft spot for this custom of Spider-Man foe The Chameleon

And finally, Diamond did an interview last week with yours truly, I'm always reluctant to do such things but in the end, I'm glad they approached me. No pics of me in my AJ suit, I swear...

Friday, July 07, 2006

A new Mego Superheroes Catalog Page

We've added a very cool page from the 1976 Simpsons Catalog featuring the Mego Superheroes along with Big Jim and GI Joe to our Department Store Catalog Archive. Expect more of these in the very near future!

Other Megomuseum Topics:

Some possible spoilers in Spiderman 3

People are excited about the new directors cut of Superman 2

If you didn't like Superman Returns, you will after reading what Tim Burton and others were going to do with our favorite Kryptonian

Greg is auctioning off a really nice Mego Batman still sealed in his shipping box

Micronaut fans are excited about Microman Superman and Supergirl figures coming from Japan.

And finally a poster asks, do you dream about Mego at night?

Today's commercial is for Mego Wonderwoman , have a great weekend

Thursday, July 06, 2006

This Month's Toyshop focuses on Mego Superheroes

Mego Superheroes are the focus of this months toyshop magazine

Since it's brilliant revamp two months ago, Toyshop magazine has become better, stronger and faster.

This new issue is no exception, celebrating Superman Returns, Toyshop celebrates the Superheroes of the 1970's which include Remco Spider-Man, Evel Knievel and of course, Mego World's Greatest Superheroes.

There is even a mention of Jet Jungle and a certain Mego website.

So pick up this month's Toyshop, it will not disappoint!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mego Robin Day!

Thanks to Will and Scott, two members of the Mego Forums we have more than one updates to the Mego Robin Gallery pages.

WGSH Robin Page has a new packaging shot and a must see retrospective of all Mego Robin products and Scott has also added some valuable comparison shots for the Mego 12" Batman and Robin page as well.

Today's commercial is fittingly enough for Mego 12" Batman and Robin, enjoy!

July has a new mego customizer of the month and this time around it's Jim Hampton.

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mego Micronauts Equestron Video

Thanks to Ray Miller we have another beautiful Micronauts commercial, this one is for Equestron, an unproduced Aliens piece that would have been so sweet, it wouldn't have saved the company but I want one!

Happy Fourth of July People! See you on the Mego Buzz

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mego Superman The Movie Commercial

In honour of Superman Returns, here is the Mego Superman the Motion Picture toy commercial. Thanks to Dave for this one as well.

Warning: Do not attempt to lift Marlon Brando by yourself, get a grown ups help.