Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mego Superheroes in the 79 Sears Wishbook

1979 mego superheroes in the sears canada catalog

More Wishbook memories, this time the 1979 Sears Canada Worlds Greatest Superheroes selection, the old favourites are surrounded by some new hero merchandising for 1979.

Moon Knight Custom

Kevin laid out a cool Moon Knight Custom on us the other day

the Archer from the old Batman TV series

Thomas continues his quest to capture every character from the '66 Batman TV series in Mego scale, this time he's done Art Carney as the Archer, nice work!

Mego is Beaming Back to a Comic Store Near You!

The cat's out of the bag on the upcoming Diamond Select Toys rerelease of the original Mego Star Trek line, not much is known right now except that Kirk and Spock are coming up first and that our own Dr.Mego is involved. Also the figures look smashing, discuss this on the forums.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Double Shot of Mego Micronauts

mego Micronauts

Added two pages from the 1979 Sears Canada Catalog today, showcasing the amazing variety that was offered by Grand Toys. Repto, Antron and Membros were under my tree that year. Click here for Page 1 and here for Page 2.

GI Mego Joe? You're not seeing things, Brent shows off his latest custom figures accented by a fabulous box produced by Anthony. I'm probably going to steal this idea.....

another board scooped us on this though

February's Customiser of the Month is Austin Hough, you can read all about Austin and his work here.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Magnetic Mego Batman Day

Mego Magnetic Batman

Today we have not one but two discoveries courtesy of Rich Hilliard and Tom L respectively. First, it's the boxed GIG Magnetic Batman, something that to my knowledge hasn't been seen before. The second is a rare French carded example, which up until now wasn't even known to exist, so we have two new foreign discoveries in one day.

Mego Magnetic Batman

Anthony is up to his usual standard with this killer Jor-El VS Zod two pack, looks like it jumped off a Toys R US shelf circa 1979.....

Want to see more of his work? Check out his gallery at CUSTOMEGO

Friday, January 26, 2007

Mego Electronics plus Greatest American Hero news

Today we present a rare item, the 1980 Mego Electronics Catalog, see what Mego had in store for Pocket Heroes, RC vehicles, 2-XL and hand held games.

As a side feature today we present the card back for this weekend's FX show exclusive, The Greatest American Hero figure. We at the Museum we were lucky enough to be involved in this awesome event, check it out.

In the Holy Smokes department, check out this custom War Machine Chris has brought to the table, WOW!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A little Destructive Fun in Comic Action City......

1976 comic action heroes ad

Taking a quick detour from wishbooks to present this very neat little comic advertisement for the Mego Wonder Woman Collapsing Tower Playset, a nice use of the Neal Adams artwork. A great addition to our Mego press and ad archive.

mego meet exclusive figure

Dave and Chris have provided us with a sneak peek at this year's Megomeet exclusive figure, three guesses. Megomeet is the annual Mego collectors convention and it's this June in Wheeling West Virginia, check out the website here.

vinnie vincent kiss mego

Kevin shows off some more of his Rock n' Roll customs this time it's old Ahnk Face hisself, Vinnie Vincent from KISS.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

79 Mego Christmas Catalog Flashback #1: Buck Rogers

mego buck rogers

Adding to our growing Archive of Christmas Wishbook entries this week starting with the 1979 Sears Canada, today's entry is the Buck Rogers and a partial Micronauts offering for the year. I also noticed a certain man from Ork.

mego custom monkees

Holy Pleasant Valley Sunday Batman! Check out these Killer custom figures of the Monkees that Kevin made!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Voyage into the Black Hole

Today's update is cool and long overdue, Scott has put up shots of the collection of Mike "T1K" Farence, particularly his 12" Black Hole figures. Check out what many believe to one of Mego's most detailed and well crafted lines. Where else would you hear the phrase "Ernest Borgnine Action Figure"?

World's Greatest Toys needs your help, that is if you own a Mego Shazam. The upcoming book on Mego Superheroes is looking for submissions with the wisdom of Solomon, read about it here.

Check out this custom KingPin from MegoSpidey!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Space: The final Frontier

Scott Adams amazing Star Trek Bridge set

Museum Found Scott Adams has posted pics of his amazing Mego "display set" project over the weekend, this amazing Enterprise Bridge Playset is something to be seen. Scott has promised much more of the concept in the future, check out the thread for more detailed pics.

Mego Trek Cards are shipping! click here for progress updates.

Tune in tomorrow for customs, updates and more.

Friday, January 19, 2007

A bit of Mego History

From the Mego Museum Trade and Advertising Archive comes this neat little news clipping from March 1975 relating to some new hiring Mego has done and the promotion of Mr Neal Kublan.

Check out John's latest custom
Col. Steve Austin and make your own six million dollar pun.

mego museum trading cards

Get the Kirk, Spock and Klingon Cards free when you join our mailing list.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Magnetic Spider Sense Tingling!

Thanks to the good folks at, we have shots of the elusive carded Mego Magnetic Spiderman, for those not in the know this is Mego's attempt to cross Micronauts with Superheroes, better than peanut butter and chocolate IMO.

At the Customs section, we've been sent to a Galaxy Far, Far away by our own Customs Editor Dave McCormick! Check out these cool figures:

Mego Chewbacca

Laugh it up Fuzzball! If Mego had have gotten the Star Wars license, I could only hoped they'd have looked this good.

Not sure what a Moff is but Dave's Tarkin is Grand indeed!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

How to get Mego Museum Trading Cards

Mego Museum Star Trek cards will be available next week and are free to those who ask. Please visit this link to fill in your contact information:

We've added a short survey we'd like you to please answer. We hope to
eventually get a count of active Mego collectors both in and out of the

Thanks for your help and support!

Scott and Brian
The Mego Museum

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cool New Mego Spider Car Packaging Showcased

Hulk and spiderman on the Mego pocket heroes spidercar

Thanks to the very generous Mark Huckabone, we have images of the last Spidercar released by Mego, a tough item to find, it features some rarely seen groovy artwork. Check it out at the Megomuseum Pocket Heroes Gallery.

On the forum, Chris asks What was your most painful collection loss?

Why didn't Mego make a Flash? That's what these folks want to know.

An interesting thread about the Mego Scene growing up in Canada

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some Cool Mego Customs!

While it may have been slow during the holidays, our group of Customisers sure didn't waste any time coming back with a real vengence this January. Starting off with John's amazing Captain America which Dave and Co. made the spotlight of the week. Well Deserved, John is an excellent craftsman.

I'm a sucker for more obscure Heroes that's why I think Bob's take on the T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents is truly worthy of kudos. Nice attention to detail Bob!

We don't hear "Yo Joe" much at the Museum but this custom of Cobra Agent Firefly makes us wonder what else could be done with the Real American Hero.

Be sure to pick up this month's Lee's Toy Review for an article about the never produced Greatest American Hero line, plus info on the upcoming 8" Mego exclusive to be handed out at FX. The backer card and article were written by yours truly.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Greatest American Hero Reminder

Just a reminder that this year's FX show will feature an exclusive that Mego Collectors will not want to miss, a fully licensed 8" mego Ralph Hinkley from Greatest American Hero. Here is the official statement from FX or you can buy the latest issue of Lee's Toy Review:

Believe it or not, after 25 years, Mego and GAH collectors will finally get their "Greatest American Hero" Ralph figure! FX has secured the license through Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Inc. for this incredible show exclusive! masterfully sculpted by Scott Fensterer, Bill Katt's Likeness is uncanny! Only 500 figures are being produced and will be available only at the 2007 FX TOY SHOW! If that isn't cool enough, get your figure signed by William Katt who will be a guest at the show

FX is January 26-28, 2007 at the Orange county Convention Center, Orlando Florida.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cool Mego Customs for a New Year

The custom Spotlight this week goes to Todd with this cool Tigra from Marvel comics, if that wasn't enough, Todd is also our Customizer of the Month, check out his new profile here.

Steve Moore just completed these cast of the Lone Ranger Customs, very well done!

Check out JMC's new Phantom Custom, this truly rocks!

Because there can never be enough Customs based on Hammer Movie Monsters, Thomas has made this sweet version of The Reptile.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Mego Superman Discovery

Mego Magnetic Superman

What better way to start the new year but with a new Mego discovery? The Mego Magnetic Superman page gets two new additions with adding of not only the carded version but the extremely rare boxed version as well.
Talk about this on the Mego Forum and have a happy New Year!